There was a walkin and I went , they conducted two rounds over there which were

1)PIR (Personal Interaction Round) ie they giv us a topic n we hav to speak on that topic for few mins,which was easy basically they were testing our communication skills.

2)Written Test which includes few English passages,grammar,analytical and logical questions which can be done .


They called me to come to their main office the interview was scheduled at 11 but my turn came at 12:30 pm .

The interviewer(I) was very cool,he took me(M) inside his cabin,it was in this way:

I: How r u feeling Mr.Amarender.

M: fine sir.

I: take ur seat.

M: than q sir.

I: say something abt ur self.

M: explained abt my educational background,my family back ground.

I: so u r from cse n u know all these languages.

M: s sir.

Asked q’s from C lang basic q’s covered all most all pointers,linked lists..

I:write a prgrm to find factorial of a number

M: done

I: write using recursion

M: tried,almost correct ,he helped me.

I:xplain me how it will be executed .

M: xplained step wise.

I: asked to write algorithm of Quick sort and xplain abt bubble sort.

M: xplained, was confused a little bit, he helped me.

Then he asked few q’s from c++,java, OS,RDBMS.

Asked to write few queries which were a bit typical but done successfully.

The interview was all around 45 mins.

At last gave me shake hand, I just went outside and again returned back and asked him “Sir! Shall I leave!”.

He said,give me 10 mins.

I waited for half anĀ  hr.

Later a lady called me and took for a HR ROUND.


She took me into her cabin and left said that she will b back in few mins,came after few mins.

HR:IntroducedĀ  herself and askedme to xplain bat myself in detail.

Me: xplained.

HR: what were u doing from this one year.

Me:said that doing some course and trying parallelly.

HR: ur strengths.


HR: 2 major achievements in ur life.

Me:took some time, n managed to say only one.

HR : she was not convinced.

Me: I was a bit tensed.

HR: what do u know about GENPACT.

Me: xplained.

HR: that’s it amar,any q’s from ur side.

Me: I asked few q’s like job desc etc.

HR: she xplained everything.

Finally she gave a firm shake hand and said thankyou, me also done the same thing.

Went outside again knocked the door and asked mam whn can I expect the feed back.

She said ,”give us 2 days”.

I left, and one fine afternoon I received mail from them offering for a position in their organization.

I was really thrilled,not getting words to describe the moment.

At last I made it!

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