It and Non IT or PSU companies banks ibps ibpsgramin bank question paers with answers

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CONSAGOUS came to LKCT college Indore on 24th Feb.2011 they picked up only 12 students around among 300+ students.

The procedure was divided in 3 parts

1) GD

2) Written paper: 40 questions (Technical MCQ) + 10 questions (Aptitude)

3) Interview-(Technical + HR + Aptitude)

GD round

The topic was “should India break diplomatic relation with Pakistan”
The most fearing round for many of us. But believe me friends. Once you are in there you will enjoy the moments.
Don’t hesitate to give ur points, but remember never to interrupt in between when any of your colleague is speaking.

And be in manner.sit straight.
Try to be a good Listener too, that helps u very much. You will be sitting in a bunch of 20 and in most of the cases 4-5 will be selected or even more.
Only speak in English, because one student was speaking in hindi and he was not selected.

Written Round:

Written was fully technical 55 questions were objective type and 5 questions were for writing answer.

Technical questions were based on:

Data structure:-based on complexity, sorting.

C:-control statement, loop, Structure, pointer

and some simple C programs like.

Q. What would be the output of the following program:

Int i=0;



If(i<<4 && i<<9)





a. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

b. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

c. 4 5 6 7 8 9

d. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Java:-strings based.

Software eng:-sdlc

Dot net:-some questions were from dot net.

C++:-questions were simple from c++,if ur basic is clear then u will solve.

For writing:-one question was container and second was why empty structure takes 2 byte memory in c++

Interview Round:

Only 44 students had selected for interview round..

3 technical sir, one HR mam and one CEO Mr. Mukesh sir were taking interview. they were taking interview one student at a time. And calling name according to list of clearing the return .My name was last third in that list..

But after taking 15 interview they had call randomly. In randomly my name was first.

This was the most memorable round for me, I was nervous. And after 5 min it was normal.

HR asked me a series of questions like

Tell me something about yourself?

Then tell me something about your Family?

Are you willing to relocate to any other location?

Are you willing to sign bond for 2 yr?

Who is ideal person and y?

Mam ask abt CONSAGOUS?

Technical question were:-

What is JQuery?

What is HTML?

What is JavaScript?

Tell me something about Photoshop, Flash.

Features of java?

What is difference between method and msg passing?

What is difference between binary tree and binary search tree?

What is left join?

What is virtual function, abstract class?

How to access private member of abstract class?

How many project u have made?

CEO asked some questions to check the aptitude.

How u will put four points at equal distance?

Some other LR question and Some Quantitative aptitude questions they asked.

All they were asking randomly. Not serial-wise.

After taking the interview, after 5-10 min they declared result.

Finally there were appr. 12 selections. I was one of them.

It is not necessary to give all answers. Skip some question instead of giving wrong answers.

So please be confident and honest never try to bluff them they are very smart.

Please be yourself and success will be yours. Luck is also one of factor for selection of u.

See you in consagous.

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