It consists of 3 rounds:
1) G.I: General Intelligence
2) Essay Writing
3) Interview

1) G.I: it doesn’t mean Genaeral knowledge questions but it stands for right thing at right time.for clearing this round ,
there is no need for special preparation but there is the time limit ..
U have to clear 40 questions in 15 minutes
And questions will be like followings
Opposite of RAW is ……
JOLLY means:………..
If ink is to PEN then sugar is to …..
It also includes some aptitude questions of family relations , directions, circle and of triangles

2: Essay Writing

U have to write an esaay of 200 words on any one of the following topics
Wonders of modern science
Should smoking ban in public places?
Your favorite sports

3: Interview:this is final round consist of simple technical and HR questions

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