Hello fnds, i hav given my aptitude of GODREJ N BOYCE,

Selection procedure:

Apti no.1: consists of 40 ques which were vry vry easy.we have to solve them in 15 mins.even 8th class student cud able to do them.no need to do any rough work.all u need is tim n accuracy.consists of about 25 english questions wth no comprehension.all of them are word meanings,.merry-gay,happiness.idioms like past is to forget future is to…… and a letter in which date is givn on right top and u hav to calculate three more dates.rest of them wee related to maths.ex.length of rope was given.it is divided in two parts.larger is 2/5.we hav to find larger one.u need nt hav to prepare any thing for this test.maintain ur time and accuracy from starting.u will nt able to solve more than 32.i hav solved 29.i got selected.though my apti is not excellent but i hav maintained my accuracy.skip those in which u are nt confirmed n go to next 1 becoz its trurth u will nt able to solve every question.cut of was 60%.1 mark for right and -.25 for wrong.same paper will be given to u as HR told us that tis paper is circulated to all students of various colleges. 

Apti 2: tis was technical questions.again no need to prepare every thing.wat i am saying pay attention to it.there were picture questions and we hav to choose correct 1.again cut off was 60 % n it was tough as it requires deep knowledge of subjects lik mechnics ndesign of machine.no formules were reqired.questions were on belt drives.lik transwer n direct beclt.this is revolving in this directin which were revolve in same dir, which were revolve fastest.some of them were on motors.motors of different c/s n length were given,which will revolve fastest,which will stop first.questions on boat were also given.these were related to winds n strings.one or two were on submarine.what are the directions of fins to take submarine out of water n so on.gear train bhi karna padega.questions on belt drive n gears were same.different diameters were given which will revolve fastest.spiarl gear train bhi karna hai.

in this very few were able to qualify.from ur college only 1 qualified.uske tukke kam kiyr the jaisa ki woh keh rha h\tha.i was rejected.NO -VE MARKING IN TIS PART. 

next day that person was called 4 interview. technical+ HR+ PERSONAL. lagbhag sab se air conditioning and refrigerator pucha.fluid power n mechnics n applied thermodynamics kar lena

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