HSBC Placement-Paper

My placement experience  of  HSBC:

It is a pooled  campus conducted in CMR college ,Hyderabad.

It contain three rounds

1.Written test

Aptitude_20 Questions

Topics to concentrate


Average and Age

Mental bility-15 Questions


Blood relations

1)1000023 2)100023 3) 1000023 4)1000203 if 1&2 are equal answer A

1&3 equal answer B  2&3 equal answer C all are different answerD

Verbal ability -20 questions

Reading comprehension

Given two passages fill the appropriate word

Technical C and Datastructures -20 Questions

They give find our errors in the programs in C and Data structures

They give binary search,recursion code

2.Technical round

3.Hr round


First interviewer start with how many  marks expected in written

How did you prepare for written test&how many companies attend till now?

Difference between C&C++

What is structured programming?

Structure of c program

What is oops

What is encapsulation?

Why we need encapsulation?

Difference between c++ & java

What is Data structure ?

Linked list concept,Binarysearch tree,Stack,queue

What is DBMS

What is Datawarehouse

Some queries maximum salary,2nd  maximum salary,top 5 salaries


Introduce yourself


Then  he ask can you draw a diagram without lifting  the pen(square with diagonals)

Then he ask can you draw a diagram of ab




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