IBM campus recruitment procedure

IBM campus recruitment procedure,IBM Number series questions with answers.IBM aptitude questions,IBM Technical and Hr interview preparation and procedure

Hi friends

This is ishita joshi from BE-EC…….

Here I am telling you  about referal drive of IBM gbs at pune..hope this will help you .
There were 3000 students called out of which  approx 200 got selected..and I was one of the 200..:)

So here goes my experience…
It was actually 2 day process but due to more sudents it extends upto 3 days

IBM first day:

The test was divided into 2 parts:

1st part..there was written test of 20 question in which they ask questions from profit/loss, number system, etc etc…

2nd part….number series quetions…20 questions…
There was no negative question in any part bt the most imp thing was time managment…
we have given 2:15 min to solve each question…
but friends questions  are nt so tough you  can definetly solve this in 2 min..just you  have to be very quick..

I cracked this easily.

IBM Verbal ability (English language)

After that there was a english language test..In which 6 paragraph was given to us on IBM project n we have to write the summary of that para in just 6 lines…not 5 not 7…here dont use sms language..use correct grammer,spellings,n data of the 6 was also simple…can b cracked easily….

After that there was a GD….
Mine topic was “Indian governmenr should focus on education or on architecture”

we have given 2 minutes to think and after that gd started it last for about 30 min.

friends we were 15 in group out of which 11 were selected…just be patiaonte listen what everybody is saying….dont dominate…be cool..and put your points…its not tough.. we can crack it easily.

that all for first day…

IBM Second Day Tech and HR Interview

next day there were interview due to more students they combine HR and  tech…. but my name was not called on that day…
My name came on 3rd day for int..interview really goes nicely as i am from EC backgrond they ask me y we sud take you …more about my project…one thing that was more surprising to me was they told me to explain them electronics frm the begning…..and also they ask some questions from IBM…also some questions like…are you  ready to reallocte anyhwer…etc etc hr questions… I dont remeber properly… they just see your confidence,communication skills

thats all my iselection process goes on….

they told me welcome to ibm..that was the happiest moment of my life…
so guys all the best….c u at IBM.


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