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Hello everyone, ill be sharing my experience during the placement process in IBM at SASTRA University, Tamil Nadu held on 14/01/2012.

IBM Process of Selection:

1.Online aptitude test

2 Written communication test

3 Group Discussion

4 Tech

5 HR

IBM Online aptitude test: 14/09/12

There are two sections

(a) Number Series

(b) Aptitude ( NO verbal and non-verbal).There is sectional cut-off in for each sections, nearly 65 percentile.

Total 40 questions (20 number series & 20 Aptitude).Matrix question were not asked.

Online Test is based on Adaptive Pattern
(The level of successive questions becomes tougher if u answer the previous questions correctly).I mean based on ur answer (right or wrong) the nxt question gets randomly generated.

The main problem is 2 min. Time Window for each question. For us there was no -ve marking….thank God!!!

Few number series: based on my memory

1 1.5,17.5,35.5,89.5,__



I) Aptitude Section was a bit easy but full of lengthy calculations. Use of computer calculator is allowed (Please keep Mr. R.S Agarwall book inside ur drawer…If u depend on Agarwall ji for IBM, then definitely 440 watt ka jhatka legaga in apti round).

One type Writter efficiency quesion, few question on profit and loss, java programmer 4/7 and c++ programmer 5/13…..Due to 2 min. Time Window it was quite difficult to remember the questions.

Totally 1039 students appeared to take the test & 499 cleared.
IBM Second Round
II)Second Round(Be cautious as it is again an elimination Round)

We were supposed to write an email to a client in 15 min. 

They provided us a sheet of paper(An article written in 3 paragraph about IBM innovation “GRID Computing”) and asked us to go through it & summarize the content of the article in exactly six sentences(remember exactly six sentences you hav to write),without copying the words from the given article ,without grammar mistake & spelling mistake.

The funda here is use the format as given below:


Dear Mr. Amit,

I am extremely delighted to inform you about IBM innovation GRID…..then write ur story…..


Hoping to get reply from you on this matter soon.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Bhishm Singh

Team IBM

Remember to use Dear Mr. Name (don`t write imaginary name, Name will be mentioned in the article…most people did mistake here. They used imaginary name).

Don`t forget to use Hoping to…….at the end,followed by thanks & Best Regards,(comma)

Most people get eliminated in this Round. So Pay attention to this Round

Out of 499 almost 360 cleared the written communication test.

Day 2-15/09/12

IBM Third Round

III) Round 3-Group Discussion

12 members in a Group.

HR people conducting GD were very friendly and polite.

Each person was asked to speak about the GD topic in a round robin fashion. After which about 10 min. were allocated for open discussion among group member. They rejected only those students who didn`t open his/her mouth during the whole discussion.

The funda here is to speak clearly, loudly on the given GD topic. Speak about the GD topic that makes sense supported by ur logic or example .Don`t try to argue, dominate etc.

Topics are generally from current affairs….such as FDI, Print media Vs Broadcast media, Coalgate, freedom of expression, do engineers requires managerial skills, Private University in India, Cricket is an obsession etc.

Totally 333 students got shortlisted for Interview after GD round….333 is Big number. So we were sure that SASTRA is gona create World Record for highest number of student selected from a single University by IBM.

IV) HR and Tech. combined.

Tell me something about yourself Bhishm.

I started speaking about myself using the format given on most websites, but he instantly he interrupted and asked me to speak something about myself, that were not in my Resume.

TI-Do u know what is ACO?

Yes sir, Its Ant Colony optimization.

TI-can u explain ACO?


TI- Difference between ACO & Stimulated Annealing


TI-Can we perform cross-over in Stimulated Annealing?


TI-Difference between NUL & NULL

Tough one but managed to answer

TI-Concept of Oops….some question from private & protected access, virtual base class, benefit of using Default argument instead of Function overloading .

TI-Explain c structure and C++ structure.

TI-Few questions from Database….unique key, primary key, composite key, delete Vs Truncate, self join query.

Then He asked me HR questions:


Creativity continues learning, challenging job and Balance between professional and Personal Life….explained each one wit suitable example.

HR-What are ur strengths?

Easy pickings….

HR-What is ur greatest weakness?

Sir I am Unable to control the flow of money provided by my parents for my monthly expenditure….bla bla bla

HR-Why SASTRA University?

Quality Education, Merit based and Transparent admission procedure, Strict Rules and Regulations(makes us more disciplined engineer),spiritual and cultural values.

HR-Here comes the big question…What else you to other than following beautiful chicks in college???

Bla blab la…..

HR-Why CSE???

Blab bla bla……

HR-What will you do if I reject you?

I thought in mind….
Sir, I am a never Dying optimistic …..bla bla bla(Thanks to Dean TNP for using Dying optimistic during ppt)

HR-What are ur Hobbies?

Playing cricket (as watching cricket will pop up few questions on cricket. So I avoided saying Watching cricket),Reading Kabir Das Dohas..he asked me to narrate few dhohas…..which I did with much ease.

HR-Tell me something about native place Dhanbad (Jharkhand)..

Coal mines, Gangs Of wasseypur 1 nd 2……

HR-Asked my views on Coalgate…….

HR- Do u hav any questions?

Yes sir …What were my weak links during the interview?

Before coming out of interview room I wished him “HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY”

Results were announced next day on 16th Sept 2012.Out of 333 shortlisted students for Interview 315 got selected for IBM.I am an IBMer now…..

It’s a Record placement by IBM(max. number of students selected from a single campus by IBM till Date), that too during Recession …..SASTRA ROCKKKSSSSSS!!!

The mantra is don’t lose hope. Prepare well for apti & Written comm. Skill….after clearing these two round, 99% u will land into IBM.

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