IBM Off Campus Recruitment 1st Day

Aptitude Interview IT Company Practice Paper

Hi Friends ..I have participated in Ibm Gbs Offcampus in Greater Noida On 18th November.. this was 4 days process…

Around 3200 students participated in this drive..

IBM Off Campus Recruitment 1st Day :-

There was an online paper.. 20 question were on number series…..I advice you to practice as many question as possible… every question was your practice can make you to clear these question.. then there was aptitude question consisting of maths question .. the question which were different and can only be solved through your concepts and practice…the calculations were lengthy but we were allowed to use calculator in pc…. every student was provided by unique IBM COUPON NO. ….

the result of this roung was announced withing 20 minutes after the test completion.. and I cleared that round..

aroung 750-800 students cleared that round..

IBM Off Campus Recruitment 2nd day :– 15 minutes round.. on this day we had written exam… we have to write an email a professional email to client from the 3-4 paragraphs given… “IBM software development manager” it was a suite on which some info was given and we have to pic max of 6 sentences to write to our client and convince him…. guys be precise and don’t copy the sentence as it is from para…. 15 minutes are more than enough dont get panic…be calm…m sure u’ll clear that. its very simply…and handwriting should be clear..

IBM team, checked each and every paper twice so that they take best students to the further round..

the result was declared after 6 hours…. and with god blessing I cleared that round too..

approx 400 students cleared that round.. on the same day the conducted “Group Discussion” and each group was divided in no. of 12… mine topic was “quality concern in indians”... we all”our group ” decided to speak calmly will not scream and will not create fish market….and with god grace 11 students from our group selected…the person who wasn’t selected is because of his fluency in English. so wt ever u speak spear clear and fluently.. dont stammer…after all they check ur communication skills… and den day call some students for interview next day and some day aftr next day…

Approx 300 got selected..

IBM Off Campus Recruitment 3RD and 4Th day: was interview round..

mine was on 4th day…ie 21st November, 2012..

my interview lasted for 30 minutes….

its was mix hr+tech…

guys be confident and straight forward if you dont know anything about which interviewer asking say that  “sorry i cant recall that”…. rather than thinking on it and wasting ur n interviewer time….

interviewer  was just bout to ask me from data structures but i told him that i didn’t studied that properly… i did projects on java and .net… so he said mei to brief the project on java and den all question was on java…

IBM is the most friendly than any other one……i really enjoyed my interview…all my nervousness changed to anxiousness..

finally result were out and 270 students got selected out of 3200….

I was one of them……..

I am very happy…. but right now i am just waiting for my offer letter… 🙂 ….it can come anytime before end of november…..13 december is the joining date…

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