IBM Top 10 interview Questions

IBM Top 10 interview Questions

Why should I hire you?

This is an important Question for Every Campus interview – Practice a good Answer Here!
By now you can see how critical it is to apply the overall strategy of uncovering the employer’s needs before you answer questions. If you know the employer’s greatest needs and desires, this
question will give you a big leg up over other candidates because you will give him better reasons for hiring you than anyone else is likely to…reasons tied directly to his needs.

Whether your interviewer asks you this question explicitly or not, this is the most important question of your interview because he must answer this question favorably in is own mind before you will be hired. So help him out! Walk through each of the position’s requirements as you understand them, and follow each with a reason why you meet that requirement so well.

Example: “As I understand your needs, you are first and foremost looking for someone who can manage the sales and marketing of your book publishing division. As you’ve said you need someone with a strong background in trade book sales. This is where I’ve spent almost all of my career, so I’ve chalked up 18 years of experience exactly in this area. I believe that I know the
right contacts, methods, principles, and successful management techniques as well as any person can in our industry.”

“You also need someone who can expand your book distribution channels. In my prior post, my innovative promotional ideas doubled, then tripled, the number of outlets selling our books. I’m
confident I can do the same for you.”

“You need someone to give a new shot in the arm to your mail order sales, someone who knows how to sell in space and direct mail media. Here, too, I believe I have exactly the experience you
need. In the last five years, I’ve increased our mail order book sales from $600,000 to $2,800,000, and now we’re the country’s second leading marketer of scientific and medical
books by mail.” Etc., etc., etc.,

Every one of these selling “couplets” (his need matched by your qualifications) is a touchdown that runs up your score. IT is your best opportunity to outsell your competition.


What the interviewers Look for in an Interviewee

The interview panel members assess the candidate by asking him/her a variety of questions and looking at the candidate’s responses for these questions . Whatever be the questions asked, they look for certain qualities and attributes in the candidate. Whenever the interviewers ask you a question, they will have an objective in mind . Before you response to the question, you should be aware as to what the question is basically about and what facet of your personality is being tested through that question. If you have that understanding, you will be able to respond to the question in a suitable and object-oriented manner.

The main qualities that the interviewers look for in the candidates are:

Level of knowledge the candidates possesses

conceptual understanding of issues

clarity of thoughts

communication skill

Planning of career

Basic personality

Reacting to a situation


Top interview Questions:

Tell me about yourself?

Bad answer:
“I graduated four years ago from the University of ICFAI, with a Bachelor’s in Biology – but I decided that wasn’t the right path for me. So I switched gears and got my first job, working in sales for a startup. Then I went on to work in marketing for a law firm. After that, I took a few months off to travel. Finally, I came back and worked in marketing again. And now, here I am, looking for a more challenging marketing role.”


Where do you see yourself in five years?
What’s your greatest weakness?
What salary are you looking for?
What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it?


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