There was an off campus drive at ABES engineering college

There was an off campus drive at ABES engineering college,Ghaziabad by IBM.So here I am sharing my experience:

The selection process comprised of 4 rounds-

Round 1: Online aptitude test, whose difficulty level I found moderate.

There were 2 sections- Number series and Mathematical reasoning.

The former had some tough series. On the top of that, each question was timed(2.15min/question).

The latter was comparatively easier and had questions on time and work,profit-loss etc.

Round 2: English test, also online.
This round was timed overall and it tested the basic sense of English in formal business letters.

There were 22 MCQs to be completed in 20 minutes time.

Round 3: Group discussion, conducted the next day. The HR asked everyone to introduce themselves briefly. After that he gave the topic- A day without electronic gadgets.It was a pretty good discussion. Everyone spoke well. The HR asked a girl to conclude after 15-20 minutes. Only a single girl was rejected from our group of 13.

Round 4: Personal Interview was one to one.The HR was one cool and chilled out person. I like such HRs who do not intimidate the candidate.

He was on the phone when he signalled me to come in. After a minute, he hung up and apologized.

HR:How was your day?

me:It was fine,Sir.

HR:Tell me about yourself and your family background so I get to know you well.


HR:Tell me your strengths and weaknesses.


HR:Why did you choose this field? Did you choose it by choice or just because you got a good score?


HR:How far was your college from home?


HR:Tell me one solid reason why I should hire you.


He, then glanced at my resumé and asked me about one of my projects.

HR:Which month did you pass out? Don’t you have any offer letters from any other companies?

me:Passed out in aug 2012.I have one from wipro.Since there is no sign of joining yet,so I would join the company which invites me at the earliest.

HR:You live here, how would you work for us then?

I told him that I was okay with relocation.

HR:Alright, I would let you go with one last question. What is the difference between hard work and smart work?


HR:Can you give me an example?


HR:Before I conclude you can ask me any questions you have in mind.

I asked and he explained.

HR:It was nice meeting you.

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