IBM off campus drive

IBM off campus drive – Feb 2013 – Kolkata.

Hello everyone..
I am Sudipta Biswas and I have completed B.Tech from JIS College of Engineering in 2012.

I got an invitation mail for IBM-GBS off-campus drive in Kolkata which was held on 6th FEB, 2013.

Here is my experience during the drive.

IBM DAY 1: Aptitude test (Series Completion, quantitative aptitude)

About 20 series and 20 quant was there.

For each question 2 min 15 sec were given.
There was no negative marking.

Some series which I remember –

1 2,5,9,1,5,10,3,8,?

2 63/4,16,26,46/5,9,19,194/3,65,75,243/8,?

3 4,2,4,8,6,8,16,?

4 48,24,35,7,16,8,75,15,8,40?

5 9,4,16,6,36,21,441,?

6 49,7,98,16,4,48,9,3,36,25,5,?

7 5,6,6.5,6.5,8,7,9.5,?

8 9,15,26/3,29/2,25/3,14,8,27/2,?

9 1,2,3,6,11,20,37,68,?

10 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,4,3,3,5,6,?

11 11 ,8 ,17 ,14 ,23 ,24 ,31 ,32, ?

The quantitative aptitude portion was very basic and easy. R.S Aggarwal Quantitative aptitude book is sufficient. After successful completion of this round, there was English Assessment test.

IBM English Assessment Test:
It consisted of 22 multiple choice question and included basic grammer, active passive voice, questions on business mail etc.


Group Discussion:
There were 12 people in each group. Everyone gets chance to speak. My topic was “Cricket is effecting other sports.

IBM Personal Interview:
The HR was friendly and he made me feel very comfortable.

My interview was about 30 mins. Here are some question that he asked me though I don\’t remember all the questions.

Tell me about yourself.

Why you chose ECE?

Why do you want to work in a software company?

What are you doing after completion of your college?

Do you have offer letter from any other company?

(I have an offer letter of CTS)

Then why are you here?

Why IBM?

What do you know about IBM?

Why should I select you?

Tell me a quality that makes you different from others.

What are your hobbies?

Some question on my hobbies

What was your GD topic?

Then he asked about my opinion about the topic.

Tell me about your family

Do you fight with your brother? 😛

Are you willing to relocate?

HR: OK, have a nice day Sudipta.

Just after 15 mins they informed me that I am selected. I was extremely happy and called my parents to give the good news.

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