IBM PAPER – 29 JUL 2006

IBM PAPER – 29 JUL 2006

Hai frnds,

I attended a written exam at IBM on 29 Jul 2006. Its referral based. Here enclosing some of the questions and my views.

Paper consisted of 44 q’s allotted time is 1 hr.

Paper is divided into 3 sections.

section 1 : verbal
section 2 : Aptitude
section 3 : Learning Ability

sec 1 consisted of :  2 prepositions
3 meanings
2 articles
5 passage

sec 2 consisted of 2 passages and some q’s on arithmetic

one on venn diagrams its easy but options for the questions were given wrong. so don’t mess up or panic

other on data interpretation

A, B, C, D, E are managers working in P, Q, R, S companies in Finance, Accounting, Marketing,

Research and Productivity. Some conditions are given such that
-> D works in company P in Finance
-> C neither in Research or Productivity or not even in companies P and S
-> E will not work in companies R and S
and another condition  is also given
followed by questions like who will work in comp. R and S, where does E work?…

-> a sentence will be given followed by two options.


Q)  find a>7.5 or not
(i) a>7.4
(ii) a>7.6

a) 1                  b)2                 c)3                 d)4

1->  option (i) is sufficient to find the sol.
2->  option (ii) is sufficient to find the sol.
3->  two are necessary
4->  two are not enough

Q) pq is parallel to RS. if angle PPQ =30 deg. then find angle PRS

Q) some boys and girls together works to finish a work find no. of days it will take
(i) 4 boys and 5 girls
(ii) boy complete a work in6 hours and girls in 8 hours (something like that i don’t remember exact ques.)

Q) X Sqr, Y Sqr and Z sqr

-> and some simple arithmetic questions

Q) p said to q that “i met the brother of daughter of my grandmother”. then how that person related to p
a) brother                b) uncle                 c) father

Q) In a row of persons D is 7th from left and R is 12 from right. If D and R interchange their places, D would occupy 22nd place from left. find how many boys are there?

a ques. on Profit and Loss

sec 3 consisted of a huge passage followed by 10 questions.

passage on DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines)

that’s all i can recollect. but can say one thing section 1 and 2 can be done easily with mere preparation so concentrate on section 3 u can find these articles in ibm site under “support”.

Wishing everyone  to ger succeed in conquering their dream job.

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