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Hi friends,  Its sumit (mca) frm Kalyani Govt. Engg. College (WB) On 30-09-2008 IBM visited our campus

                                       MCA student
total no. of stud :85                 26
Apti qualified  :26                   14
GD qualified    :22                  13
Final selection:  9                      5 (rest 2 each frm &

Yes u saw it right .the accent test was not there.(we also came to know only on that day).

But b prepared, it was there in some of the colleges.

One more surprising thing-all the 9 students selected were boys.

it started at abt 10:00 am. it was nothing new , just old things only, but concentrate it may help u during ur interview.

2. Aptitude test

SECTION 1: matrix test (15 ques  ,13 min .no –ve marks)
3 matrices were given- 5 ques on each matrix.(total 15 ques).

It was all of similar type, u must hav got it frm other papers. The important thing is b fast; don’t waste time on any one question.

SECTION 2: series test (20 ques .4 mins .1/4 –ve marking)

Ques were v.v easy .BUT u have to b fast, if at the first or the second look u solve it .its good else leave it. None of us could attempt all the questions(I did 13 or 14 of that)

SECTION 3: this section is tough. U must practice to do this section. (12 ques 15 min. ¼-ve marking).

Most of the ques were from time and work, one was from ratio-proportion. u  can get the ques from other papers, I exactly don’t remember the data.(after the series test ur mindset will b to solve the ques in a hurry, but b cool, read the questions completely then start solving)  

(I stood third in the aptitude test, first was also a mca student, he was also selelcted, but 4th (mca)& 5th (mca) were not selected).

3. GD round

My topic was “primary education is more important  than higher education”. it was cool. no tension. Everybody from my group was selected.(8 candidates).

The topics of other groups were: “cricket VS Olympic” & “Engineers should not go outside to work” (it was nothing but a new version of “Brain Drain”).  

4. INTERVIEW (tech +hr)

There were 3 members. one of them was the head of the selection team(H). one was a madam (M) .and the third was a sir (S).

Firstly they asked me for my cv.

I thought they want to see it ,so I just opened my  file and gave it to the madam(M) .but they told me to take it out .i had 2more copies of my cv at the back of my file, I just took out one of them and gave it to the madam.

For some time madam went through my file, and the   H was going through the cv I had just  given

* so friends ,always keep 2-3 copies of ur cv.*

The first and the obvious question was “tell me something abt yourself”. 

Me> started telling whatever I had prepared.
Madam>interrupting me , tell me something which is not in ur cv.
Me>started telling abt my family, friends, my hobbies, my strengths, weaknesses etc.

Somewhere in between I had told that I never panic.
H>if now only I say u to go out of this room, won’t u panic?
Me>(hardly 5 mins had passed, and this sort of question, it was exciting as well as nerve-shaking) They were smiling, I was also smiling, I confidently proved them that I wont panic, but it will b sad that u didn’t judge me and even this reaction will b outside this room.(they were satisfied).
H> ok tell me –what is dbms?
Me>answered it .
H>what is Rdbms?
Me> answered it.
H>examples of dbms and rdbms
Me>gave the examples.
H>ok suppose we don’t know anything abt RDBMS, teach us Rdbms.
Me>(now the ball was in my court).i started telling abt the relation, primary &  foreign keys, Cartesian product, all types of joins, union ,intersection etc.and why it is called RDBMS.
H>what were ur subjects of 4th sem?
Me>this was the question I had prepared,but I don’t know how did I forget that.i could tell only three of them.(trick—tell anything with a little sense , they also don’t know exactly)
H> ok ,Do u know ,what is DDL,DML?
Me>answered it confidently.
H>are u comfortable with GROUP BY and HAVING.
Me>yes sir .
H> he gave me a relation(emp_id,dept_no) and another relation (dept_no,no_of_emp) as output (u must hav understood the problem, it was to find –how many employees were there in each dept)
Me>worte the SQL.
H>now do some amendment in the command so that the output does not contain the no. of employees of dept 1 .
Me>wrote it .
H>are u sure it will do?
Me>I feel so.

Now it was the turn of sir(S).
S> are u comfortable with c,c++
Me>much more than dbms (they smiled).
S> what is void pointer?
Me>in my answer I also added that it cannot b dereferenced.
S> is it that under any condition, it cannot b dereferenced?or we can do it under some condition.
Me>(thought for a few seconds)as far as I know ,it cannot b .
S> ok what are the difference between array and link list?
Me>I explined them by drawing figures,explining the adv. and disadv.(I was satisfied with my ans and I feel they were also satisfied).
H>what is fopen () ?
Me>answered it .
H> what are the different modes of opening a file.
Me> answered.
H>Are u familiar with UNIX or LINUX?
Me>yes sir, UNIX was one of the subjects in my 2nd sem.but for this interview I have not prepared this.
H>ok sumit, no problem,whatever u know u say.what is rwx?
Me>I answered it .then he asked abt “group”.  (without thinking , I said)Sorry sir I don’t remember(lator on I realized , he asked abt  the user group, actually  as I had not prepared unix for this interview, my mind got stuck—so  one simple addice is –think for sometime then ans)
H>ok no problem.
Me>(suddenly ,it came to my mind) I answered it .
M>May I ask u operating  system?
Me>yes madam.
M> what is busy waiting?
Me>I explained it elaborately with the help of pen and paper.
M>next ,she asked me a term ,which I had never heard of.
Me>sorry mam I have never heard it before.
M> ok no problem. what is binary semaphore?
Me>I explained, I also starting writing the codes of critical section problem, but she told ok understood.
M> what is Belady’s anomaly?
Me>I just explained it.
H> did u sit for TCS?
Me> no sir , my marks was not there.(through 60%, actually I lack in my graduation)
H>asked me the reason of less marks.
Me>explained it.
H>suppose u are selected for any company, IBM or any other company, then u will gate abt 1 year. what 3 things u will do before joining?
Me> I said ,1st of  all I will collect info abt the company, on which softwares the company works for that I will also consult my seniors.[before telling the 2nd  and 3rd things (which I had no idea of) madam interrupted, I really thank her for interrupting]
M>now a days most of the companies work on a lot of software- java, SAP, J2SE,C# etc. so how many of them are u going to learn, and suppose u have learnt one thing and u are given work on some other software, then what will happen?
Me>I will start learning the one which I feel will be most interesting for me .and if at all I don’t get a chance to work on that software, no problem, my learning will not b a wastage  that is going to benefit me in some or the other way. Moreover, life is always a challenge, if I m told to work on a software that is new to me, no problem, I will learn it.
H>ok sumit do u have any question?
Me>(I had prepared 2 -3 questions )what will be my day to day responsibilities ? ( I had never expected the answer  he told me)
Me>what sir?
H>”work”.tell me anything u will do except “work” (madam started laughing , I was also smiling)
Me> sir , whatever I will do ,that comes under “work”.
H>that’s why I told “work”.
Me> “work” yes I m going to do that , it is my duty but is it my responsibility?
H> ok ,just I m adding something “doing work”. now this becomes a responsibility. (madam starting laughing, I too was smiling)* I think all these things were just to check ur   confidence, j ust b calm and enjoy talking to them*
H>why r u not wearing tie?
Me>sir, I don’t have, that’s why .
H>that is not the reason, I have many ties then also I m not wearing it.
Me>sir I belive that u all have come here to see my qualites not the(he interrupted by saying “not the quality of ur tie”)  and everybody started laughing (me too).
H>yes that is the answer.
H>ok u can leave now .(they gave me the cv)
Me>thank u sir.  

That’s all .I was very nervous, I felt I could have done better in HRsection. Lastly, the results were declared at  abt 7:20 pm and  thank god I got selected.

Best of luck to all of u. bbye .see u in IBM.

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