IBM Placement-Paper


  1. 2 pipes A and B can fill a tank in 30minutes and 20 minutes respectively. B filled ¾ of the tank. Then for the rest both A and B filled the tank. How much time it took to fill the entire tank.

  2. 5 monkeys eat 5 bananas in 5 minutes. Then how many monkeys can eat 20 bananas in 20 minutes.

  3. A does a work in 20 days. A did for 28 days. Then b came. They together take 76 days to complete the 7 job. Find howmany days B complete a work.

  4. My house number is
    if not multiple by 3 it is with in 50-59
    if not multiple by 5 it is with in 60-69
    if not multiple by 10 it is with in 70-79
    find house number.

  5. After 6 years the ratio of age of X and Y will be 5:6. Before 6 years it was 3:4. Find the age of younger one.

  6.  The arithmetic mean of two numbers is 10 and the geometrid mean is 8. Find the two numbers.

  7. 3 consecutive non zero number which of these will result a positive odd integer.
    1. x+y+z
    2. xy-z
    3. x-y-z

  8. 420 km distance. It goes at a speed of 10km/hr less than it took 1.4 hour. Find the initial speed.

  9. Tem, Harry and Dick are three friends. From these two are musicians.
    Shorter one is older musician.
    Shorter one is younger musician.
    Taller is the younger musician.
    Find the two musician.

  10. A’s mother is only daughter of B’s mother. B is A’s what.

  11. In a 20 liter mixture of milk and water, the ratio of milk and water is 3:1. How much milk is to be mixed with the mixture so as to make the ratio 4:1.

  12. For a party 240 guests were invited. Contractor have gained 12.5% profit. But 30 guests were absent. He charged the same amount for a meal and lost 100 rupees. How much a meal costs.

  13. Out of three A,B,C one is thief. All give two statements. One is false another is true. Find the thief.
    A-i did not do, B did not do.
    B-i did not do, C did not do.
    C-i did not do, I donot know who did it.

  14. The sides of an isocles tringale are given. The perpendicular distance is given. Find the base of the tringale.(Numerical values are given, but I donot remember)

  15.  In a tringale length of 3 sides are given. It is given to find the highest length of scale which can be used to measure all the sides.(To find gcf).

  16. There is a metallic cylinder of radius r and height h is melted. If the radius of smaller cylinder is r/10 and height is h/10, then howmany small cylinders are made from the molten.


  1. What is weak typing.

  2. What is pure virtual function.

  3. Which is not a member of unix shell.  (rbash,cbash,nbash,kbash,gbash)

  4. Which is an error.
    Int *p[3]
    Int (*p)[3]
    (Int *)(int ,int)
    Int (*p[3])
    Int *(p[3])

  5. Which is not a processor.

  6.  a[5]=={1,2,3,4,5}

  7. what is the output.
    if(r= =5!= =4)

  8. for(i=0,j=0;i<10,j<10;i++,j+);
    printf(“%d”,j);  (compilation error,run time error,0)

  9. Which is not an inter process communication.
    (tee,shared memory,pipe,queue,file)

  10. for loop on string.

  11. Which is not a database.

  12. #define prod((a>b)?a*a:b*b)
    int p==0,q==-1;
    what is result.

  13. what is reference.
    Some loop statements on “c” are given which are very easy.

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