Hello friends,  This is Divya from GANDHI INSTITUTE FOR TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT.infy had come to our  college on 17th march 2008.around 500 students satisfied the eligibility criteria.

 the written round had:
:40 minutes..friends this paper was very easy..the puzzles were damn easy..   there were 2 puzzles with 10 on seating arrangement and one on languages  spoken by people.five non verbal reasoning questions..very easy..the data interpreatation  was a bit tough..and syllogisms were a cakewalk.the data sufficiency questions were easy.

2.verbal ability:
35 minutes..friends this paper was actually tough..though iam from an english   medium school…the sentences were very lenghty and it takes lot of time to read them and then  interpret is always recommended to attempt as many questions as u can..thats the written
test.  the results were declared after about 3 hours and only 42 students were selected from 500  students..i thanked god and then got ready for the interview  there was hardly any time between the announcement of results and the interview.

Interview experience:
me: may i come in sir
he: sure please come in and have your seat. he gave me my written test answer sheet and asked me to put a signature on the marks.
he: tell me what do u like to do the most?
me: blah blah.
he: what does father do?
me: blah blah.. the person must have been a finance person becuse he then took the interview to a debate between finance and engineering..he asked me why engg?why not banking?(my dad is in a bank) i told…he said outrightly iam not convinced!!
me: yes sir i will convince u…n then again blah blah…
he: ok again tell me what do u like most…
me: sir i like being a team leader…
he: Divya..dont tell me those answers which u saw in the net…tell me answers which come
from the core of ur heart..
me: yes sir iam ateam palyer..i was teh school captain..head girl..blah blah and i explainend my achievements during my captaincy..
he: good
he: how do u handle conflict??
he: tell me something intersting..
me: blah blah..
he: thank u was nice talking to u
me: thanq sir have a nice day. so friends that was my experience…i thank freshersworld for everything..and most important.. dont forget to pray a lot..friends it really works..only hard work is not sufficient..luck also plays a lot of role.. the results came after a few hours at around 8.30 pm..and 30 ppl got selscted from our coll.. there was shouting everywhere and ppl were shouting all over the place!!! went home very happily and thanked god for his grace!!

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