Hi I am Ansuman Das from Eastern Academy Of Science And Technology in IT 3rd year . Infosys came to our college on 17th of March 2008 and it was a pooled drive ………….. We had our written and the result was published by 2hrs from the time of complition of written test. Out of 280 odd from 3 colleges only 38 of us could clear,and out of which 21 were from my college. Immidietely our interview started, there were 4 hr conducting PI simultaneously. when my turn came it was 6:00 pm and before that I was made to sit alone for 1/2 hour so be mentally prepare for that to. one of the person came and ask me to go inside.I was tnsed at that movement because It was my 1st interview…… but I managed to get out of it and went in , I opened the door and ask for the permission…….

ME: May I come in sir.
HR: Yes.
ME: Good Evening Sir.
HR: Good evening.
HR: Have a sit.
ME: Thanku sir.
HR: So u r Ansuman.
ME:Yes Sir.
HR: Ur XIIth was CBSE,ICSE or state board.??
HR: Give me ur CV.
HR: “How Computers Have Boomed The Indian Economy”,speak on it for 2 min.
ME: Done.
HR: Tell me abt ur family background.
ME: Replied.
HR: ok Here is a puzzle solve it.
ME: Done.
HR: Take the second one.

before I could complete he snatched the paper from me. In puzzle they look only 4 the attitude or how handle the situation not 4 the solution.
HR: OK here is the situation read it loudly .
ME: answered
HR: good
HR: Ok here is the 2nd one……….
ME: answered.
HR: What r ur areas of interest instead of passing time with friendz.
ME: music and reading newspaper.
HR: Ok then tell me a news that have touched ur heart.

Be confident enough with whatever u say.Never say condradictory sentences.
ME :replied.
HR: Why software……?????

as I am from IT branch I didnt accept this question,as this type of question was asked in PI to student other than CS and IT.but somehow I handled it .
HR: Dou have any problem in rellocation anywhere.????
ME: NO Sir.
HR: Ok ask question(s) if u have any.
ME :I asked 2 questions….

Ask questions that shows ur interest in the company.don’t let this oppurtunity go out of ur hand and mind it don’t ask silly questions . the replied that he gave me by that i could infer that he satisfied by my performance.
HR: ok Ansuman u can wait outside.
ME :thanku SIR with a smile. 

Final list was declared after 1 hr that is around 7 in the eve.that very day. In which 34 out of 38 got selected and I was one of them……. Previously I sat for one more company that was a pooled drive to…..but couldn’t clear written.

I woe this to my parents and god 4 their blessings. Hope this can haelp u in some way.

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