Hi, friends this is HARSHAL CHAUDHARY a student of Walchand College of Engg and now also an Infosyian. I got selected for Infosys through the placement done by it, at Walchand. Here I am mentioning about my experience during the whole placement process.

1. Logical and critical reasoning test 30 questions 40 min
2. Verbal reasoning and English test 40 questions 35 min

Logical and critical reasoning test
1-5Q ——- The question was based on three ladies having some money and a game played (These r the puzzle test ques of R.S aggrawal v &non-V Type 5).
2-10Q —– The questions were figure related in which we had to find the correct figure in sequence.
11-15Q —
16-20Q — The question was related to DI in which a table showing number of students in different branches during 6 years were given and we had to answer questions having lot of caculations. So I suggest you to do it at last.
21-25Q — The question was  again puzzle type in which 5 peoples A,B,C,D,E ,F,Gand H r sitting aROUND A TABLE.
26-30Q — The question was syllogism type. In this 6 statements were given with four combination choices like AFC, ACF etc and we had to find the correct logically related combination.

(I recommend you to just go through R.S. Aggarwal Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning. But prepare well for it. As its one of the deciding factors in clearing Aptitude test.)

Verbal reasoning and English test
1 —- There were two paragraphs. It will take time so attempt them at last.
2 —- There were questions on sentence correction in which we had to find correct replacement for underlined part in passage.
3 —- There were questions on finding the correct sentence among 4 given sentences.
4 —- There were questions on filling up the blanks with suitable grammatical words.
5 —- There were questions related to theme dectecion from a small passage.

The main part or the eliminatoin part of INFOSYS is the Apttitude test &&&&& the rest is just a WALK ON CAKE.

For our HR INTERVIEWS  their were 5 panels and most them were too much experienced (age more than 45)

me: MAY icome in
hr: yes
me: good after noon mam
hr: go…. .
me: tha….
Hr: sign ur cv &give me
hr: hwta did u do in last one year other people (community service)
me: i told
hr: ur specification
me: c &c++
hr: waht is the updated version of them
me: c#……
hr: puzzle ……their r 7 machines producing balls one is defective perfect ball 100 gm defective ball 90 gm………..(given in shakuntala devi)
me: gave ans
hr: onr more puzzle if a bear falls with the speed of 1m in 1 sec the color of bear    ANS: polar bear
me: gave…
hr: and the hird one make 1000 from 8 times 8 ANS: 888+88+8+8+8
me: gave.
hr:  how do u keep ur self updated
hr: finally any ques……

AND after sixhours of my interiew  the results were rannouncedd  and I WAS SELECTED…………………………………… 

best of luck for ur CAMPUS. 

meet u at INFOSYS

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