I am giving my experience throughout the day of campus recruitment by Infosys on 27th March, 2008 at our college (ITER, BBSR).

Package is 3.25 per annum

They gave a form where   you need to enter your necessary details. You need one passport size color photograph and your percentage has to be calculated from total marks including an additional or optional subject that means all the subjects you have appeared.

There were two written tests one is Reasoning ability test (RAT) and the other one is Verbal ability test (VAT). RAT was of 40 minutes for 30 questions and VAT was of 35 minutes for 40 questions.

It consist a north-south-east-west distance problem. 5 questions were asked based on this problem (very easy).5 Nonverbal reasoning questions i.e. finding out odd one out from 5 simple figures.

A simple puzzle:
One thief thefts a keyboard, a monitor and a printer from three separate stores on 3 different months January, February and march to make his own computer. He uses 3 different devices each once at a time. The devices were screwdriver, wire cutter and appliers. Wire cutter was sensitive to monitor. And some simple hints were given and you can find it out easily using a table.

5 questions were asked based on this puzzle.

Other questions were from time and distance, probability, ratio and proportion, 3 to 4 other questions I’ve not there and I simply bluffed as there were no negative markings.

Two simple paragraphs were there. You need not have to read the paragraph thoroughly because you can get the answer of the question directly. Each paragraph had five questions each.

Other questions are:

1) Fill in the blanks type

2) Correct the sentences type

3) Two statements would be given, you have to decide whether the third statement follows or not from the two given statements.


More than 400 had appeared, out of them 131 were selected in the written. Out of them 122 were finally selected.

The H.R interview of mine is as follow:

Me: good afternoon sir

He: very good afternoon (he forwarded his hand to shake hand with me). He asked me to have my seat

Me: thank you sir.

He: keep your file there and sign it here for your authentication (I signed in the application form given to us previously).

He: other than academics what else you do?

Me: sir I love to solve sudokus and riding cycle.

He: what else?

Me: I listen music and create a humorous environment.

He: what else?

Me: I some times help my younger brother in studies.

He: what is he doing now?

Me: he is continuing his BCA at NICE bbsr.

He: who is your ideal person?

Me: my brother.

He: why

Me: explained and he got impressed.

He: have you shown any leadership quality

Me: yes sir, I was elected as leader for two consecutive years in my school.

He: Asked me to explain how you had shown your leadership

Me: done.

He: tell me some good achievements of your life

Me: done

He: tell me your weakness and some failures in life.

Me: said

He: how you are going to overcome these.

Me: (These sorts of questions I had already prepared; so done)

He: ok (he laughed) and wished me all the best. And asked me to leave the place.

Me: thank you sir. (And left).  


I was a bit nervous during the interview and my lips were getting dried as I was interviewed in the same way by WIPRO but God knows why I was not selected.

Always try to say the truth the INFY people bring H.R professional from the meta-i group. They all are above age 40. They are quite experienced professionals. so don’t bluff; some of my friends have been caught bluffing .


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