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This is Sriram Mohan Nedunuri I attended pool campus of Infosys on 5th Feb.  2008 at COER, Roorkee and got selected finally. There were students from 6 colleges n were about 1200. First there was presentation on Infosys and about 1o’clock we gave written exam. Around 380 students were selected for HR and finally around 250 got selected.

Here is the pattern dear frnds
1. logical reasoning (30 ques) 40 min
2. English section (40 ques) 35 min
For logical reasoning go through rs aggarwal, the imp chapters well, that’s enough but do them thoroughly.

The logical section consisted of the following ques….
1.2 puzzle tests of 10 marks…..   .(just go thru  RS AGARWAL its more than enough…..).
2.5 series figure ques of 5 marks  .its like odd figure out – very easy(  go thru RS AGARWAL…NON VERBAL SECTION more than enough).
3.5 ques on data sufficiency .questions in this section were so easy try to do data sufficiency first u can complete in 3-4 mins . some are given below.
1.PQR is an isosceles triangle. What’s the length of PQ?
a.   The length of QR is 7.
b.   The angle of PQR is 90 degree.
Ans: both are sufficient for conclusion.
2. What’s the ratio of length of the line segment PQ to the length of arc PQ, when PQ forms the arc of a circle?
a.   Area of circle is168.
b.   The segment PQ forms the diameter of circle.
Ans: both are sufficient for conclusion.
3. Are two triangles congruent?
a.   Both triangles are right angled.
b.   Both are of same perimeter.
Ans: both are not sufficient for conclusion
4.  In what time the cylinder completes one rotation?
a.   Radius of cylinder is given.
b.   Speed (angular) is given.
Ans: both are sufficient for conclusion
4.5 ques on logical reasoning or syllogism… (Go thru rs agarwal also go thru the LR part of the cat material)
5. Data interpretation of 5 ques (Just go thru the rs agarwal aptitude book……it is best as i preffered the same)

From 1997-2002,data was given on students studied in different streams  like arts ,commerce ,engineering, medical, agriculture and science. Questions were like….
1.Number of students studying medicine is what %ge of no of students studying engineering?

2.% of Students studying commerce in yr 1999 is what % of students studying in all the yrs?(ans E(no one was correct)) …………… Like that…. questions in this section were easy but time consuming better try to approximate and save time..

English section……. it is as follows

1. 2 paragraphs based question very easy ( try to do it in last minutes as it is very easy u have to just go thru it once it  is of total 10 marks ). There were two paragraphs one was big one and second was relatively shorter. I did the shorter one and it was on green house effect- easy one u can even answer the questions even without reading paragraph.

2.  5 ques were given – in that each ques carries four options n u have to find the correct sentence – 5 marks

3. Theme detection 5 ques

4. Fit the correct word in the blanks. This is of 5 marks,,,,

5. 5 ques were given – in that each ques carries four options n u have to find the correct sentence – 5 marks

for verbal I will say that go for wren n martin (or Raymond Murphy) n cover articles , tenses, prepositions, subject n verb relations…trust me friends these books  will help u a lot in clearing this round.

For over all logical n English prepare sincerely and friends C2D (cooperate to dominate) policy will be really helpful, even though u have done sincere efforts better do along with ur frnds. Written results were announced in the evening around 7 and I was one of the short listed candidates among 34 form our college. We were asked to leave n appear the next day for interview.  Next day interview started around 12 o’clock. 

There were eight panels and my interview went like this……………….

Me: may I come in sir?
Int: come in take ur seat.
Me: thank u sir, very good morning sir.
Int: good morning , so u r sriram mohan nedunuri?
Me: yes sir.
Int: ok sriram where r u from?
Me: sir I am from Andhra Pradesh.
Int: Then how did u come here?
Me: Through AIEEE central counseling sir.
Int: Ok, tell me about ur schooling?
Me: sir I did my schooling from….bla bla bla………
Int: tell me about ur family background?
Me: sir both my parents are teachers….bla bla bla………………..
Int: how much u expect from ur logical n English sections?
Me: sir around 15 from logical n around 28 from English (they will check ur confidence here).
Int: what’s the difference between invention n discovery?
Me: bla…bla…bla…..
Int: tell me some thing innovative that u have done in ur life regarding anything?
Me: sir I am interested in cooking  and I have made many innovative dishes with rice with different ingredients…i can cook fried rice tasty n sir I am sure u cant find it outside.

Then he asked me four puzzles two verbal n two non-verbals …those are….
1.Using 8 8’s and using only ‘+’,arrange them to add up to thousand? I have tried and my approach was right…he waited for a min n asked me verbal puzzles.
2. An electric train is going from east to west what’s the direction of it’s smoke?(electric train doesn’t have smoke).
3. Mary’s father has four children luci, ana, Britney n who is the forth one?(Mary it self). I have answered both the verbal but not answered any non-verbal puzzle…they will just see ur approach n check how confidently u answer…………………………….

Int: ok, if u were a leader how u manage ur subordinates if they don’t perform well?
Me: sir, first I will treat them as friends n give them permissible freedom n encourage their innovative ideas . if they feel any trouble in doing any job then I will try to deal them personally n even if they lag behind then I will circulate the work among them. In this way I will manage .i think he was impressed by my answer.
Int: what do u mean by permissible freedom?
Me: sir if we give over freedom, they may go beyond limits…that are why….
Int: what was ur role in the event that u have organized in ur college tech fest?
Me: sir I managed the event…bla bla bla………………..
Int: do u have any questions regarding any thing?
Me: sir is there any thing for me to learn before getting in to Infosys?
Int: in case u get selected in Infosys they will provide u the necessary training. no need to learn any thing xtra concentrate on ur studies that’s enough.
Int: u can go now…
Me: thank u sir n nice meeting u………………………………..

after the interview we were asked to sit in a room n after one hr the senior HR announced the results n I was one of the final students who have been SELECTED. Really my placement experience had many unexpected turns but I can’t discuss them now…..but all I can say is “PRAY PRAY N PRAY TO GOD THAT’S ALL ………………SUCCESS WILL BE URS………..ALL THE BEST”

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