Jindal free solved placement papers

Jindal free solved placement papers, Jindal selection procedure has 4 sections Jindal aptitude test, Group discussion, Technical and Hr interview, Jindal aptitude has 90 questions in 90 minutes, Jindal written test has aptitude and technical questions, Jindal group discussion procedure, Jindal Technical and Hr interview procedure


In placement of Jindal  Ltd .

The selection procedure is:-

1. Aptitude+ domain

2. GD- non elimination round

3. Technical interview

4. Hr  interview

Jindal aptitude Test

The first paper is of aptitude question and domain of online cocubes paper.

it has main components of question like modeling, simple apti, calculating area from equation of graphs, passage, word meaning and question of domain. In that we have got 90 questions  which have to be completed in 90 min. so speed is must. I have done first 45 questions of aptitude in which most are correct . and then I opt for technical ,when 30 min are left only and I am choosing that solution which is closest or most relevant. In paper there is no negative marking so i have attempted all the question. In this from 66 mechanical students 13 is selected.

Jindal Group Discussion

After that Group Discussion  is there and topic -is Anna hazare a next gandhi of India. in that I have not spoken much and they have given a chance in the last to summarize whole Group Discussions. —10 min.

Jindal Technical and Hr interview

After that tech interview round starts and I suggest make your cv interesting so that he gets engaged with that . Mostly questions  are from cv and manufacturing and material science like quenching, annealing, tempering, aus tempering, who has more strength- casting and forging and why,welding grooves, steel making process.—10 min.

After that hr starts he is asking aim, why you selected mech and some technical questions. -2 min.

actually they want candidates who have potential, not bookworms as they mould you acc. to them in 1 yr of training. so all the best to all.

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