Jindal previous years technical questions

Jindal previous years technical questions placement papers technical question papers


1. What does ‘value’ mean in value engg.

2 .What is value engg used for

3. Two ques on statement of nyquist-shannon theorem

4. i/p and o/p impedance of instrumentation amplifier

5. Given open loop TF for unity f/b calc damping ratio

6.Given G(s)H(s) calc type of system

7.Thru which signal does μP communicate with memory

8.12 address lines address how much of memory

9.No of timers of 8051

10.prog device used with 8051

11.μcontrollers used widely in which industry

12.ques on what is LPP

13.Which technique used for optimization in OR

14.Which of these deals with reducing waiting time(ans: queuing theory)

15.Given BW and SNR of a communication channel calc its maxm transmission rate in kbps when affected by white Gaussian noise

16.what is a μcontroller

17.No of components in VLSI

18.What is done in VLSI

19.What are the procedures for sampling of a signal

20.Which is the most commonly used non -impulse type of pump

21.How do you go from time domain to freq domain(both fourier and laplace were in the options)

22.What is thyristor

23.What is triac

24.Diff betw triac and SCR

25.Why is equalizing ckt used in series with SCR

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