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Hi Guys, I took the GET exam for jindal on 19th Oct 2009. I went through several websites and could not trace the exact pattern for the test. Therefore I would like to share my information reg the test. Basically I am EEE student. But the aptitude part is same for all branches

Here goes the paper :-

Section 1 Aptitude and Verbal (55 Q time: 55 Mins)
The verbal part consisted of filling in the words that suite the sentences grammatically, Reading Comprehension (2 Passages) and synonyms.The verbal part is easy but takes time.So go thro it after finishing the aptitude.

The Aptitude Section was really easy.The questions can be solved without any preparation.However i would advice you to go through ratios and percentages, because these are the only areas from where questions are asked.

Section 2 Domain Test
This section applies to only EEE students.
Generally in written tests for core companies ,questions are asked from various papers we study during engineering.
But I was shocked to see that the domain area here consisted of questions only from Electric Circuit Analysis and Electrical Machines.
Now I will narrow down the syllabus so that u can prepare urseslf well.
The questions from electric circuit analysis were as follows
Ohms law, Kirchoffs law, Thevenins, norton,superposition theorems, finding voltages and currents in a given circuit
I would advice u to go thro the basics like active, passive, linear,non linear elements, their  graphs, application and use of ohms law and kirchoffs law,and the concept of above mentioned theorems.

From the Electrical Machine Subject Questions were asked only based on Swinburne,Hopkinson,Retardation Tests.

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