Jindal Placement-Paper


Hi  All,

I appeared for control and instrumentation stream. But, most of the questions were from Electronics and communication including  Power electronics
Time 1 hr 55 min
55 aptitude questions

1. average of a 4 member family 10 years ago is 24 . in these 10 years a pair of twins come into the family. but yet after 10 years, the average remains 24. find the age of the twins.

options: 3, 4 , 5 , none of the options.

2.two persons are in election. 55% of the valid votes are with one person and 20% of votes are invalid.

total number of votes are 7500.

find the number of votes with other person.

ans: 2700

3.percentage questions.

4. a man sells 4 t.v in the cost price of 5 t.v . find profit %

5.to check in details.

as 3 options given : a big series , to check if all are similar.

6. 10 questions in verbal ability.

a) to choose similar words from options given.

b) 2 boring comprehension passages.

c) Appropriate use of preposition in sentences

7) 3 questions on computation as * for + , – for / , like that.

8. Case study sort of.. given some conditions..f the students to be admitted to a college..and so to answer if admitted or not.

Technical questions. All 60  objective questions.

1.equation of the transportation problem.

2. auto-correlation has which symmetry : even symmetry


3. given a pcm has bit rate as 36000 bits/sec. and maximum fm = 3.2 khz. find the sampling rate.


4.some questions were with 8051 chip.

5.highest priority in interuppt in 8085 is :

6.given a source voltage sinusoidal voltage v=200 sin 314t ,load resistance is 10 ohms and the angle of firing is 90 degree in scr. find the current.

options 10, 5 , 5√2,

7. turn on time for a scr is —– than turn off time.

8. the coefficient of pd controller

is k = sinwt/wa , -sinwt/wa , costwt/wa , -coswt/wa.

9. what does hold signal represent in 8085.

10.The peak voltage in half wave rectifier is v and power is p. what will be the value of voltage and power in a full wave bridge rectifier  , if other conditions unchanged.

a)V , P  b) 2V, P , c)2V,2P

11.in a semiconverter , the firing angle is 60 degree. what is the conduction angle for the Scr present.

12. Given a G(s) 1/(s-1)(s+2)(s+3). how many times will it encircle the origin in a nyquist plot.

13. Given a routh table with 2 rows as S4 1  2 4

S3 10 20  ,then find the number of roots lying in RHS side of x plane.

14. in 8085, the length of general purpose registers ?

15. what is cycloconvertor ( changes higher frequency to lower one and vice-versa in one step)

16. what should be the width of pmos w.r.t nmos, so that current loss is minimum. ( This was based on the fact that nmos construction requires lesser area than pmos for the same amount current flowing through it)

17. number of overlap scr conducting in 1 phase full wave rectifier.

18. blind speed can be rectified by changed by …………..

19. What type of digital circuits dont depend on the input from previous states . combinational circuits

20. Which component of superhetrodyne receivers provide image frequency selectivity.

21. Given an ampitude modulated x(t) = 20 sin100wt + 10sin300wt – 20sin50wt. find fm.

22. If the amplitude of a FM wave is made two times , then what will be its effect on the frequency deviation of  the wave.

23. What is quantization.

24. If the value of e ( damping ratio) is 0

imaginary , or complex conjugates, real and equal , real and unequal.

25. G(s) = 1/s2 + 4s + 25 . Find the time when the output reaches the maximum for the first time (Peak time)

26.  What is  PUSH related to in 8085 :- stack, accumulator, ………

27. Difficulty with servomotor.. ( dead space, backlash, saturation of core…)

28. Which filter is to be used for finding the o/p between f1 and f2 . ( band-pass, low-pass ,


29. What is the potential difference b/w electrodes in a cell called ( positive potential, negative, electrode potential)

30. What are the three inputs of IGBT called (emitter, collector and gate)

31. What is the instrument used to measure the movement of ear pulses called ( ECG,EOG, EFG,…  )

32. What is the instrument used in ECG called..

33. Find the Z transform of an  u (n-5)

34. What is snubber circuit used for (increasing dv/dt, decreasing  dv/dt,  overvoltage  protection)

35. LVDT is which type of transducer : inductive , capacitive..

36. What is transfer function in terms of transform (Ans : Laplace Transform)

37. Find the Z transform of G(s) = 1/ (s+1)2

38. IF in a transfer function there are multiple repeating poles , what can be said about it’s stability

Options: It will oscillate and will be stable, It will be unstable

39. One question  was related to : x-plot, y-plot, T-plot   40. One question was related to power cup.

41. One numerical on strain gauge.

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