L n T infotech new and latest campus placement

L n T infotech new and latest campus placement experience shared by shensaon Sha in JPR engg college In L n T infotech placement procedure consists 5 rounds

L n T on lie tests
Aptitude reasoning Data analysis,profit and loss sp, cp calendar clock, number aroudn 3o questions
30 questions from logical reasoning
30 verbal ability

then second round

L n T infotech Group discussion

2013 nations biggest achievement

“there is nothing wrong in live-in relationships”.
HR expected good communication, teamwork and how we are taking the discussion to next level by giving examples (both real time and from newspapers). Please don’t argue and also don’t be silent. Always initiate or conclude or give other persons a chance to talk.

L n T infotech Essay writing:
No elimination. Just to check your grammar skills, sentence formation and how different you think. Topic” Education is good in private or government colleges”.

L n T infotech Technical Interview:
They eliminated a big number in this round. Such a tough round in whole process. You have to attract them by your boldness and communication don’t ever say” I DON’T KNOW”.
Questions asked from microprocessors and microcontrollers and C. Have a good basics in C. They asked me arrays, structures, pointers, swapping prog, largest of three numbers, microcontrollers prog which we have studied in 5th semester. Out of 60+ students they selected only 20 and I was one of them.

5. HR interview:

Guys even in last round elimination was there. Be alert, don’t think its easy round, because this is the round where they do stress interview.

In my panel they asked to say story of some films to check our fluency. They asked general question like tell me about yourself, why l&t, and asked can you sign bond of 2 years.

I got spot selected. Only few were spot selected. Out of 20, 11 were selected.

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