L n T Placement Paper Jan 2014

L n T Placement Paper Jan 2014 L n T infotech pool campus drive procedure in CMR college .L n T previous years solved question and answers with detailed explanations

L n T infotech campus interview procedure consists 5 rounds 

Written test, Group Discussion, essay writing ,technical and hr round

L n T infotech on line aptitude written test around 1500 were attended and in that 300 were were selected in GD

Group Discussion GD in Ln T infotech : Role of Media in protecting Women Be confident and express your points clearly
Global Warming- commoners responsibility

I was in the first batch of GD. We were a batch of 15 students. Our topic was ” Joint Family A Boon In Disguise “ .

I just took my time in collecting the points and expressed them without any doubts or fear. I was the person to conclude the discussion.
The results were announced in 5 minutes. 7 ppl from our batch were selected to the next round.

L n T infotech Paragraph writing round :

The paragraph writing is not an elimination round. It was meant to analyze the persons spontaneousness . My topic was “My person of the millennium”. It can be anything. I wrote about my mother.

After that we had to fill the forms and submit the photocopies of all the marks memos till the previous semester. Our Technical interview and HR were completely based on the form we filled. So be careful when you fill the form.

Technical round :

Around 10.30 pm I was called for TR..
The interviewer was a calm person. He asked me to sit with a smile.
The first question was about my favorite subject. I just took my time and told Web Technologies.

He asked me a few questions like how a website functions, http protocol with a block diagram. He later wrote a code in C language and asked me the outputs in various conditions. He just asked the basics like Polymorphism, abstraction in OOP. Then he asked a few questions in DBMS like acid properties, trigger and cursor.

Then he asked me about my project which I explained very patiently without confusing him. He finally asked me to write any code from my project.

HR round :
The HR was a very friendly person. I was the last person to be called.

He asked me the questions based on the paper I filled. All of them were very professionally personal. They asked about my work experience in my projects and about my Family.
He asked me my hobbies
He finally asked any questions from my side..

The final Results were announced the next day and 35 of those 50 members were selected and I was one of them.

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