Maruti Suzuki India Limited Mechanical Engg Questions

Maruti Suzuki India Limited Mechanical Engg Questions and Answers with Explanation,


 Mechanical Engg Questions

1. The purpose of jigs and fixtures are to

a. Increased production rate
b. Increased machining accuracy
c. Facilitate interchangeable manufacturing
d. Enable employ less skilled operators
e. All of the above



2. Tool life of the cutting tool is most affected by

a. Cutting speed
b. Tool geometry
c. Cutting feed and depth
d. Microstructure of material being cut
e. Not using coolant and lubricant


3. A feeler gauge is used to check

a. Radius
b. Screw pitch
c. Surface roughness
d. Unsymmetrical shape
e. Thickness of clearance


4. Metal in machining operation is removed by

a. Tearing chips
b. Distortion of metal
c. Shearing the metal across a zone
d. Cutting the metal across a zone
e. Pushing the metal with tool


5. Ductility of material can be defined as

a. Ability to undergo large permanent deformation in compression
b. Ability to recover its original form
c. Ability to undergo large permanent deformation in tension
d. All of the above
e. None of the above


6. Inconel is an alloy of

a. Nickel, chromium and iron
b. Nickel and copper
c. Nickel and chromium
d. Nickel and zinc
e. Nickel and lead



7. Casting defects caused by the molten metal is

a) Blow holes
b) Swell
c) Scab
d) All of the above
Ans.: d


8. Forming operation which does not involve rotation of work piece is

a) Spinning
b) Thread rolling
c) Ring rolling
d) Upsetting
Ans.: d


9. Greater forging capacity is achieved with

a) Mechanical press
b) Power hammer
c) Hydraulic press
d) None of them
Ans.: c


10. Which of the following welding process uses consumable electrodes

a) TIG
b) MIG
c) Thermit
d) Laser
Ans.: b


11. The crystal structure of alpha iron

a) BCC
b) FCC
c) HCP
d) Cubic
Ans.: a


12. Severe quenching can cause

a) Blow holes
b) Warping
c) Inclusions
d) Non of them
Ans.: b


13. Glass bead peening on components done to

a) Improve creep strength

b) Improve fatigue strength

c) Improve finish

d) Impart further coating

Ans.: b


14. Trajectory of a robot mean :

a) Path traced by the end effectors

b) Kinematics of Robot

c) Robot joints

d) Robot programming
Ans: a


15. Rayleigh’s method of computing the fundamental natural frequency is based on

a)Conservation of energy

b)Conservation of momentum

c)Conservation of masses

d)Laws of statics

Ans: a


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