Hi! Friends I am P.V.Kishan Kumar from Chaitanya Engineering College.I got placed in Mphasis an Eds Company which conducted a pool campus drive at GIET Rajhamundry.

 First of all I want to thank my parents n god for this success.  So friends be bold n brave don’t get upset in life bcoz life is a journey of ups n downs.I m telling u this bcoz it is my 13th intw. I was knocked out in first rounds of wipro ,infosys, syntel, sify, assurgent, sapient, accenture, accord.I cleared d first rounds of Satyam and Infotech Enterprises but lost in Tech. so friends don’t be get disappointed try untill u get success bcoz its very joyful n sweet in any ones life.


Ok friends so coming to the selection procedure there are four rounds

1.Written test

2.Group Discussion

3.Technical Interview

4.HR Interview


1.Written Test

A total of 23 Engg. Colleges attended the drive all over the state at GIET Rajhamundry in which 950 students attempted the written test conducted by Meritrac out of which 168 cleared the written test.The paper consists of four sections

1.Comprehension  reading(2 passages,10 qns-10M)

2.Logical reasoning(15Q-15M)

3.Numerical Ability(15Q-15M)

4.Tecnical qns frm C&Ds,C++,Java,OS,DBMS(20Q-20M).


The paper was a bit easy,but u need a lot of practice bcoz u will have a less time for doing tat my dear start doing lot of problems from R.S.Aggarwal n other books which will help u a lot n tech. qns contain simple basics.There is no negative marking so try to attempt all qns my dear friends.So I was one of the 168 ppl.

The results were announced at around 12.30pm afterwards the ppl were attending GD


2.Group Discussion:

As far as Gd is concerned with Mphasis they will conduct a jam session in which a group of 10 ppl are divided n each one would be given a topic n they shud talk on it for 2 min friends.So plz try to be pprd 4 tat bcoz they simply concentrate on your communication skills.try to speak for maximum n don’t get stammered.try to speak anything wid out stopping.In my group my topic was on politics n I did exceptionally well.n I got selected.

In my group out of 10, 3 were selected for the tech round n I m one of them.So friends be well pprd for this round bcoz they mostly eliminate ppl frm this round.out of 168 they shortlisted 58 ppl for the tech round.this round was completed at around 6:30pm my dear friends.

After GD jam session they  gave their corporate ppt for d selected students.It was pretty good n watch it carefully bcoz there will be askin qns on it in HR intw.


3.Technical round:

After GD around 58 ppl attended the technical round.It was pretty easy 4 cse students n a bit tough 4 other branches.the priority will be given to cse students n  other branches try to be in touch with languages like c,java,c++.they will be askin simple be cool.

4 me they asked to write a simple program in java n asked some simple qns frm it.He also asked sm qns frm java n I ansd it pretty easily bcoz I m good in I was selected fr the HR round.around 25 ppl cleared the technical frm 58 students n I m 1 of them.


4.HR round:

So friends once u entered the HR panel u are almost 99% selected.they ask abt urself n ur likes n dislikes,will u able to relocate or not n other kinda stuff like tat,they will be askin company’s profile also,so be pprd 4 tat.its was a pretty cool intw which u will njoy it.after HR round I was given an offer letter frm which I was one of the family of Mphasis an Eds company.

Once a moment I was in my atmost happiness in my life bcoz it’s a very nice company which is 3rd best in d world.the pay will be around 2.5lacs per annum plus  50000 allowances.


So my kind request to u my dear friends tat be Confident,work hard until u get success.

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