Mphasis Placement-Paper

Hi Friends

There were mainly 4 rounds in Mphasis pool campus recruitment procedure.

1. Written aptitude test
2. GD
3. HR Interview
4.IVR test

On 18th apr there was a written exam, approx 200 students from various collages gave the written test.

1. Written test

written test will be conducted by AMCATgroup.
sections are :-
1. English (reading paragraph) 2 nos. (10q) (very easy) solve at last
2. data sufficiency .. like if answer can be solved by one statement only or both (20q) (easy but time taking … i solved this first)
3. Maths…
simple simple maths q from profit loss, %, mixture, ages, speed & time
(very easy ..

R.s aggrwal and barrons is suffficient
Mphasis second round GD.
update your general knowledge before attending interview, my GD topic was on anna hazara

Mphasis Third round HR interview
They will just ask ur intro, ur hobby, why mphy, where do u want to see ur self after 2 year. In HR only she told me u r selected she gave me her card and told me to submit All my marks card tomorrow in office, as I was not having marks card

Mphasis last and final round is IVR ,this is telephonic round where they test your english language understanding skills it would be in irish accent or american accent people who watch english movies lot can easily clear it

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