Mphasis Placement-Paper

Hello friends,
I am sanjeev ranjan sharma n doin engineering from bangalore Institute of technology.bfore getting selected in Mphasis…i appeared in 4 company even i reached to hr & technical in almost every company…but i was not gettin selected as i was having 2yr gap b/w 12th & engineering…so friends those who r having academic gap…need to worry a little bit …but not fully as there is hope always…now come to the procedure followed during d selection…

There is 4 round:

1)written test
2)GD(depends upon d no of candidate cleard d written)
3)tech round/hr  (may happen together)
4) voice processing(IVR test)

selection process started at 10 AM n written test was online of 2hr 30 min n it was taken by aspiring minds(AMCAT) n it was bit too long bt u can take break b/w each module…writen test consisted of 5 sections(sectional cutoff) :

5)personality test
There were 25 question n 35 min 4 dat…question will appear on d screen in a set of 3…once u hv submitted d answer u cannot make changes further so be careful while submitting d answers to d questions…friends i dont remember d questions bt it was consisting of.
1) log(4-5 Qn…based on general computation)
2) ratio n proportion
3) time n work
4) profit n loss(3-4 Qn)
5) problems on trains
There is no negative markings, so do attempt all d Qn …bt try to get 50-60% answrs correct…dats enough…rest u can attempt blindly most answer were option ‘b'(as per my experience)questons were easy…R.S. agarwall is more than sufficient…one thing i can make sure that above mentioned types are sufficient to get through d written.
Most of d Question were from time complexity(ADA),basic c type like wht would be d o/p of following c code,there is error in code wht is d error…,Question on d Inheritance(C++)….u must go through time complexity concepts(VVI)..Eg:-

Qn:which of d following is efficient sorting algorithm.

1) Heap sort
2) Bubble sort
3) Selection sort
4) Quick sort
Qn: What is the time complexity of follwing C code

Qn: The following code consist of some error what is d error.


All the questions were easy..based on odd man out,missing numbers,there were 3 diagrams u hav to find wht is d next(3-4 Qn).if u hav time material dat is more than sufficient.just hav d basic concept as thre is sectional cutoff try to answrs more than 50% correctly…


Same as in other companies cosisted of antonym, synonym, comprehension etc.
Some words i remember are:
PERSONALITY SECTION: You have to answer 80 QN in 20 min. I think it just a formality but there should not be contradiction in ur answer as same question will be asked but there will be change in language….so be careful….

In my college around 150-200 students appeard….only 11 were able to get through written test…so be careful….luckily i was among them….
as there were only 11 students they decided not to take GD …and techinal/HR also combined together…so after written there only 2 rounds…1)TECH/HR  2)VOICEPROCESSING TEST
friends in technical ….u hav to be confident…as u knw HR start as u enters in room…d way u talk ….is important most…as i enterd in d room ..i greeted d HR/tech person …
he asked me…
1)tell me abt urself?
…i told…
be louder n clear…
2)he told me as u are from cs…r u confident of JAVA…i said NO(confidently)…c++..said Yes…c.. yes..(confidently) ..then he asked abt .NET…(if u dont know or not confident be open to say “not confident”.but i knw d basic..i will try to answer…

3)he asked like sorting code n asked to explain every bit of code…so u should knw d concept…
4)asked from recursion…asked to write some pgm code..n again u hav to explain everything u hav written…
5)write a pgm to swap two variable withought using third variable…
6)constructor, destructor….etc..

friends in technical…u only drive d technical person by using d technical word on which u r confident….Eg: if u r not confident in os never used tehnical word related to OS….

he asked abt my weakness n strength but u hav to justify all dat u hav told…so used examples after strength..n wht u doin to overcome d weakness…..if u hav academic breaks…dont mention if he doesnt ask…

after dat u hav to go through IVR test.. dats a easy one if u are average in communication….but dont take it lightly…

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