ABB PCM question papers with answers ABB technical questions with answers

ABB PCM  question papers with answers ABB technical questions with answers
Only technical question was asked. There were 60 questions carrying equal marks with no negative marking.
ABB Questions was like below:
1.  In three input NAND gate how many output are 1? Ans. 7


2.  In class b amplifier output signal flows for how much time? Ans. For full cycle


3. What is the expression for SSB signal?


4. Stack pointer is consisting of how much bits in 8085 microprocessor?


5. In 8086 how many data bus and address buses are multiplexed?


6. Hysteresis loop/ hysteresis loss


7. Frequency change due to counter.


8. Mltistage amplifier.




10. Power factor, if one of the circuit has 0.8 lag p.f. & one has 0.8 lead p.f. then what will be resultant power factoe?


11. Difference between jfet and mosfet.

And other questions were from analog, Basic Electronics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessor.


After written test 13 students were selected for Technical interview that was held in its Kolkata office on 20th September.
It was pure technical and they  emphasized more on basic knowledge and application part.


Some of the questions are:


What is the schottky  diode? And how it works.


Draw a bridge full wave rectifier.


What will happen if we replace diode by a schottky diode in bridge rectifier?


What will be its output wave form?


What is difference between microprocessor and microcontroller?


What is the difference between 8085 & 8086 microprocessor?


How many address bus in 8086?


Which type of modulation takes place between tv antenna and satellite?




Which is the smallest IC used as opamp? Ans. 741


What are the different pins of 8085 microprocessor?


Pin no. of 8085?


Block digram of CPU?


After tech interview 8 was selected for final graduate assessment centre.


First round of assessment was personal interview. there was a list of 20 question that was asked by every student.  Some of the questions are as following:


What are your strengths?


Give example that you are hard working.


Have you ever lead a team?


For what you are regretting in your life?


What is more important Process or output?


What your parent said to you when you were coming here?


What are your achievements?


What challenges are you facing at this time?


What will you do if you are not selected for ABB?


After this we have case study. Scenario was that there is car making company, which is giving contract for making small car parts like Brakes, tiers, exhaust system, batteries etc.
Then we have to make a presentation on chart paper provided by company. We had to mention   our offers, how our company is different from others, whether it is a global or local contract and why?


10 minutes was given for presentation no question answer.


After this we had GD on global warming for 30 minutes.

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