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Quest Global Technical Questions

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Quest Global Written Test consists 55 Questions in 60 Minutes

No negative marking Objective type questions


Quest Global Technical (Mechanial Engg) Question papers


1.A Blisk is a

a.Bladed Disc-ans

b. Bladed drum

c. Location where shaft meets the disc

d .None of these


2.A knife edge seal is used to

a. Reduce pressure variation in cavity

b. Stop leakage-ans

c. Avoid thermal leakage

d. Is used as a support


3.During Compression process the pressure and temperature of air

a .Increase-ans

b. Decrease.

c. Initially increase and then decrease

d .None of these


4.A high Pressure compressor Blade is found to have a crack near the root

a. The blade has to be rejected for further operation as root is a high stress area

b. The blade is accepted bal for further service operation


Compressor blades can never develop cracks at the root

d. None of the aboveĀ  is correct


5.A bradable coating are used for

a. Maintaining clearance between the rotating components and casing/seals

b.To provide heat insulation for the component

c.Both Option (A) and (B)-ans

d.None of the above


6.Advantage of composite are

a. Composite provides strengths similar to metal components

b. Light in weight-ans

c. Act as noise suppression mechanism

d .All of the above


7Advantage of shrouded High Pressure Turbine blades is

a.It improves Engine Performance

b.It reduces vibrations

c.Both 1 and 2 above

d.None of these


8.Advantage of Titanium alloys are

1.Low density and possess good corrosion resistance property

2.High Specific strength

3.suitable for high temperature operation

a.Option 1 and 2

b.option 1 and 3

c.Option 2 and 3

d.All the above


9.”air worthiness Directive

1.Requires mandatory compliance

2.Compliance is based on Operator policy

Is issued by Airworthiness Authority

a.Option 1 and 2

b.Option 1 and 3

c.Option 2 and 3

d.All the above


10 Annular Combustor has

a More pressure loss

Less combustion efficiency

c. Less heat release for a given volume

d .Less pressure loss


11 Balance correction is done by

a. Re-distribution of weight

b. Addition of weight

c. Removal of weight

d .All the above


12 By pass ratio is defined as

a .Ratio of core air to bypass air

b. Ratio of bypass air to core air

c. Ratio of total air mass flow to bypass air

d .None of the above


13 Centrifugal force is directed

a. Towards the center

Away from center

c. Perpendicular to the radius of the circle

d. None of the above


14 During the normal start of a gas turbine engine

a .The starter alone is used

b. Starter and ignition system are used simultaneous

c. Ignition system alone is used

d. None of the above


15 Eddy current inspection is performed

a. For subsurface cracks

b .For surface cracks

c. For nicks and scratches

d. For composite materials


16.Engine vibrations refer to

a. Whirling of shaft

b. Bucking of shaft

c .Movement of the shaft in the axial direction

d. None of these


17High by pass ratio engines give

a. High specific thrust

b .Low specific thrust

c .Constant specific thrust

d. None of the above


18 High Pressure Turbine blades are cooled using air from

a. Ambient atmosphere

b. High Pressure Compressor

c. Low Pressure Compressor

d. None of the above


19 modular engine architecture reduces

a. Overhaul burden

b .Line maintenance burden

c. Cost of Ownership

d. None of the above


20 “Most common type of bearing used in a gas turbine engine are

a.ball bearing

b.roller bearings

c.plane bearing

a.Option 1 and 2

b.Option 1 and 3

c.Option 2 and 3

dAll the above

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