Quest Global Placement Papers

Quest Global Placement Papers


Quest Global Latest Technical Questions


Quest Global Written Test consists 55 Questions in 60 Minutes


No negative marking Objective type questions


Quest Global Technical (Mechanical Engg) Question papers

1. Radiographic examination is performed

1.To identify the cracks

2.Ti identify internal defects  component

3.To identify the defects in magnetic material

a.Option 1 and 2

b.Option 1 and 3

c.Option 2 and 3

d all the above


2.Rotating stall,sturge and flutter can be overcome by the

a Variable stator Vanes

b.Introducing inter-stage bleed

c.Both the above

d.None of the above


3Shot-peening is a process used for introducing a

a. compressive surface layer

b.Use a hardening coating to improve metal properties

c.Reduce metal surface imperfection by machining

d.Is the process of coating with a anti-corrosive paint


4.specific Fuel conusmption (SFC) is ratio of

a.Fuel Flow rate/Thrust

b.Thrust/Fuel/Flow rate

c.Thrust/Air mass flow rate

d.None of the above


5The component used for transferring axial thrust form a rotating component to

a static component is

a.Roller Bearing

b.Thrust Bearing

c.Ball Bearing

Both 2 and 3 above


6.The Oil system in Turbofan engine has the following roles

a.It cools the bearing and spline

b.It lubricates bearings and spline

c.Both 1 and 2

None of these


7 The Thermal Expansion of the Turbine casting is controlled throughout the cycle to

a.Maintian optimum clearance between Blade tip and case

b.To releive the stresses developed in the casing

c.To support Engine Health Monitoring

d.To reduce Turbine speed


8 To ensure comonenet integrity,types of Inspection Technicques used is

a.Visual inspection

b.Dimensional inspection

Non destrctive Inspection

All the of the above


9.Variable geometry inlet duct are used on supersonic aircrafts for

a. Slowing the airflow to subsonic speeds at the face of the compressor and increase static pressure

b .accelerating the airflow, to supersonic speeds, during cruising flisht

c. Increasong the airflow, at outlet end of compressor

None of these


10 What are the metal joining technicques



c.Thermal spray Technique

Mechanical Fastner

a.Option 1,2 and 3

b.Option 2,3 and 4

c.Option 1,2 and 4

d.All the above


11 What are the metal removal techniques

Ultra High Pressure jet Machining

b. Electro Discharge Machining

3.elecctro Chemical Machining


12 which of the following properties makes titanium ideal for fan baldes

a.It is very light

b.It is very leap

It is silver coloured

d.all the above


13why do we need to to do Inspection

1.To determine whether the component is serviceable

2.To restore Fit,Form and Function of the component

3.To determine whether the component is repairable

a.Option 1 and 2

b.Option 1 and 3

c.Option 2 and 3

d All the above


14 With increase in pressure ration the specific fuel consumption



c.remains constant

d.None of the above


15 Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)systemh

a.Decrease the Fault detection capability of the engine

b.Has no effect on Fault detection capability of the engine

c.Increase the fault detection capability of the engine

d.None of the above


16 Additional thrust is required for


b.Acceleration and climb

c.Decelerating aircraft



17.The surge magin of Centrifugal compressor is—-than that of an Axial compressor




d.Not adequate


18 An aircraft which is longitudinally stable, will tend to return to level flight after a movement about which axis




d.All the above


19 In normal flight conditions, an increase in aircraft speed

a.Cause the nose of the aircraft to drop

b.Cause the nose of the aircraft to lift

The nose remains in the same position

d.None of these


20 During a glide the following forces act on an aircraft



c.Lift and weight only

d.None of the these


21 With increasing altitude pressure decrease and

a. Temperature decreases at the same rate as pressure reduces

b. Temperature decreases but at a lower rate than

c.Tempaerature remains constant to 8000ft

d None of these


22Longtitudeial stability is given by

The fin

b.the wing dihedral

c.the horizoneal tailplane

d.None of the above

23 The boundary layer is

Thicker at the leading edge

b. Thickest at the trailing edge

Constant thickness from leading to trailing edges

d. None of the above


24 what are the types of rivets that are used in Aerospace Industry

a.Solid river

b.Hollow river

c.Blind river

a.Option 1 and 2

b.Option 1 and 3

c.Option 2 and 3

d All the above

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