Samsung Interview Experience

Samsung Interview Experience, Samsung Electronic Lab(SEL) came in VJTI on 18 oct 2012 for campus hiring.. Samsung Hiring Process: Samsung was Campus Hiring, and it included, Samsung Off and On campus recruitment procedure and Samsung candidates experiences shared by different candidates all over India, Samsung previous years free solved placement papers, Samsung largest collection of question papers for practice, Samsung model question papers Samsung Technical and Hr interview procedure, Samsung preparation test for practice, Samsung Campus recruitment procedure for frehsers job

Samsung Test pattern
1. Aptitude Test(1h.15m)-max 200 mks
2. Written Technical Test(30m)-max 60 mks
3. Pre-placement Talk(30m)
4. Technical Interview (1:1)(30-45min) and HR Interview (1:1)(5-10min)

1. Samsung Written Aptitude Test
Known as GSAT (Global Samsung Aptitude Test)
No of questions :50
Time limit :1 Hour 15 Minutes each question carries equal marks(4 marks to each)..

Section-1: Quantitative Ability:- total 25 ques-20 question 
FOCUS:Data Interpretation(pie chart, bar chart, line graph) and
5 quant very simple(age and percentage, average, mean)no need to study quant except DI for GSAT.

Section-2: Logical Reasoning(solve reasoning questions given in GRE or solve from any puzzles book(I studied LR from T.I.M.E.)).
I don’t remember the exact ques but giving here brief intro abt some questions in reasoning.

Ques: Question is specified and on it 4 to 5 condition are given :
Analyze the problem and make a table as it is easy t solve
Based on above 5-6 ques are given
If you understands the condition and question very well then you can answers all of the questions very fast otherwise it is very hard to answer even a single answer…….
(Note:- they uses EMR scanner answer seat, so fill the circle as dark as possible using HB pensil)

2. Samsung Written Technical Test

30 ques 30 mins:
Paper was for c(pointers)/c++(concepts,virtual,abstract class).

In c/c++ paper :-
20 ques were frm c/c++(18 c and 2 c++) and
5 ques frm os and
5 ques frm d.s.(os nd ds basic concepts shud b clear)
(Note:- Each ques carry +2 mk and wrong ans will give u -0.5 mark
So attept those ques to which u knows the ans correctly..)

some ques i m giving here:
1. Int *p;
2. Ques on abstract class
3. Ques on friend class
4. Diff bet 32bit and 64bit os
5. Ques on pure virtual method
6. Ques on max heap
7. And so on…..

3. Samsung Technical Interview:-

1. (mainly focuses on C(basics), C++(Concepts), OS(goes to deep for concepts) and DS…
2. Tell me abt ur
3. 2g/3g/4g technology? What is difference?
4. Big indian, small indian?
5. Diff bet Samsung vs apple?
6. Some ques from tech test…
7. Const pointer and pointer to constant…
8. Vector and maps in c++;
9. How to reverse, find cycle,sort linked list..
10. How to delete node in BST?
11. In which way we can implement the dictionary?
12. Storage classes in c++;
13. Why we use extern in file;
14. How Memory allocated when we execute any c/c++ program…
15. Prog to count no of 1’s in binary form of number both using <<,>> or /,%
16. Semaphore and mutex
17. Os structure of linux,
18. File system.
19. Paging,
20. TLB,
21. Memory management in os
22. Why we need paging? Demand paging? Page Replacement policy…
23. Any ques?
24. (interviewer asked me more questions  but I didn’t remembered it, but once again I want to mainsion that, fust go with the C,C++,DS,and OS …it will be enough for SEL…)

4. Samsung HR Interview:-

1. Tell me about u
2. Family
3. Town/Village
4. Achievement
5. Hobbies
6. Activities in vjti
7. Any sport team support(if u luv football, support to chealse because see front side of chealse’s t-shirt….
8. Any ques…
(it went for around 10 min)

Overall Score Is Calculate and on that basis candidate get hired…..

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