Steria visited Amity on 15 Dec & 16 Dec ,

Steria visited Amity on 15 Dec & 16 Dec ,


About 230 students were there and 7 were selected at the end.

Ist Round (Written Test)

Ist round was a written test containing 50 questions to be attempted in 50 minutes only (Time constraint is the biggest thing to be tackled).

There were three Sections :-

Section 1 : Computer Organization Basics (10 Questions)

Its level was tough,question were designed in a way that it required a lots of calculation like :

E. 1A45 (hexadecimal) GB = ___________(binary) Bytes


No calculators allowed so took a long time.

Sections 2 :  Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal / Non Verbal Reasoning (20 Question)

Level of this section was good . Preparations for this section can be done easily by

Practicing CAT previous years papers.

Section 3 : Questions on Problems of C Programming Language (20 Questions)

This was easy as I prepared well for it.

Question were directly asked from Programming in C


Next was GD

My topic was Sunny Leone in Bigg Boss. (I never watched BB, so didn’t had an ide but managed to speak after listening to all..


IIIrd Round (Technical Interview)

It was on the next day..

This was again difficult..

Eg Questions – Design a 4bit multiplier circuit (Digital Electronics) Time he gave was 10 minutes.

Some questions from C also.. and most importantly He asked PHP (I was surprised) & DOt NET.


IVth and Final Round (HR Interview)

It was very easy as you need not prepare for it..

He played quick answers with ( He said a word and then asked me to give what comes in my mind on listening) just to check the mindset.

Eg- Microsoft- Windows

Crow- Shit

Loud- Music..


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