Syntel Campus Placement drive in Nagpur -syntel placement papers

Syntel Campus Placement drive in Nagpur -syntel placement papers

Syntel new and latest placement experience shared by girish from Nagpur. Syntel new placement procedure consists Syntel on line aptitude test Syntel GD, technical hr interview The package offered to us was 2.9 pa Locations are Mumbai, Pune and Chennai Syntel placement papers aptitude questions GD topics, and Syntel Technical HR interview questions

Hi guys My Name is Girish Tharwani.It started with the online test at Nagpur. Online test was easy,we have to solve 90 questions in 60 minutes. The online test was divided into three sections

Syntel On line Aptitude Test pattern
Aptitude and reasoning section
1. quant was easy but time consuming. it consists of 10 questions on data interpretation
2-3 ques on percentage
2 -3 ques on profit loss
2 ques on speed and distance
3 -4 ques on simple, compound interest
if you solve the solved ques of R S Agrawal,you will crack it.

Syntel verbal ability English part
2.English part consists
1 Reading comprehension whose size is about 1 page and just 5 – 6 ques on it.I just skipped it because of time letter part it contains error spotting which was very easy and cloze passage
you don’t need to give special efforts for English.

Syntel Reasoning section
3.Reasoning was the easiest part in the test but due to time limit many of the students failed to reach reasoning consists of
5 ques on deductions
3 ques on blood relations
5 ques on coding decoding and some basic ques

In online test I will advice you to just skip the ques you are facing it difficult as the letter part is easy and don’t attain the reading comprehension in English rest you will make it.

Syntel next Section
After 15 days I received a call letter inviting me to come at G.L.bajaj Greater Noida. Then at Noida three rounds were schedules
1. GD
2. Technical
3. HR

syntel Group discussion GD topics asked

1.In GD they were giving easy topics like facebook is a time pass or not,mobiles should be banned in collage or not….from a group of 10 students they selected 4 students

Syntel Technical HR procedure

2. In technical the were emphasizing on the project you made in final year. As I m from ETC department i was worried abt the languages but they asked everything that I mentioned in my Resume
Some of the questions were
Tell me something abt yourself
About your project
why Syntel?
You are great in technical, then why Syntel?

just be confident and ans it with a smiling face, you will made it

Syntel HR Procedure
3.Hr was the round of elimination for most of candidates
Mentally prepare yourself for this round. HR round was the tough I felt during the interview
HR was trying too hard to confuse me
HR round lasts approx 25 – 30 minutes
some of the ques are:-
Tell me something about yourself
long term goal
short term goal
why syntel?
how many yrs u will work with us
In syntel what is your goal
and some basic ques

just after the HR interview i received a three magical words that ‘U r Selected’ great moment for me
it was my first interview and grab it.

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