hai,dis is lahari.i recently got placed in SYNTEL.the recruitment process was held for 2008 batch and it was for 2 days on 27 n 28 may at RGM college,nandyala.

on 27 may dey conducted written test n on d next day i.e., on 28 may d technical n HR interviews were on.the .8 colleges were invited  n intell college was one among them.from our college(Intell engg. coll) around 190 students atteneded the written test,on the whole there were 780 students including all the 9 colleges n only 70 were filtered at the written test n 27 were finally recruited.By god’s grace n my hardwork I was one among those 27.


coming to the recruitment process there were 3 levels.

1.Written test

2.Technical interview

3.HR interview
Written test: (40 questions in 75 min) consists of sectional cutoff  n will b mentioned in ur omr sheet so bware of it.n consists of 40 questions,of which

25- logical reasoning (cut-off for dis section is 15)

15-verbal reasoning (cut-off for dis section is 8)


Logical Reasoning:  

1-5 questions are on blood relations.

6-10 questions are on series of symbols.

11-13  questions are on coding.

14-15 are on lik they giv some info lik sachin is at the corner n sehwag is in right to sachin etc n ask questions lik whoz in center bla bla…

16-20 questions are on data interpretation.

21-25 questions are on syllogism.


Verbal reasoning:

1-5 questions were on correction of sentences.

6-10 questions were on analogy.

11-15 questions were on substitute the correct words.


here ends d written test.

our exam started at 12.30p.m n ended at 1.45p.m.our results were declared at around 4.45p.m.out of 780 students who appered for writtn test 70 were were screened.i was one among them.then the company potrayed their ppt for 90 min n we were relieved..

the next day on 28 may the technical n HR intreviews were on.. shockningly i was the first person to go for the technical interview…


Technical interview:

my panel consists of a i was the first person to go for technical round i was bit nervous, i went in and first the panel member wished me n later i.then he asked abut my resume  n asked some questions lik tell me abut urself,wat abut ur family background bla bla….as i was a computer student i had  my technical questions on concepts lik c, java, dbms,computer networks,operating systems.


wat is difference between break n exit ?

can u tell me abut struct?wt does it mean?

wat is the difficult topic in c a/c to u?(pointers)

wat will u rank urself in c within 1-10?

wat is exception handling?

can u tell me the logic in linked lists?

wat do u mean by demand paging?

wat r the key functions of these osi layers?

wat is current version of oracle?

finally wat is the lenghtiest program which u have written in c n how many lines does it comprises of?


atlast he asked any questions for me,i said “no sir”then he said”  u r gud at ur communication skills.iam impressed.”i said “thank u sir,iam pretty gud at my communicaton skills.”


HR interview:  

then after 15 min i had Hr interview.i was so cool for this round bcoz i was confident.

my hr interviewer was an lady.she asked  tell me something which is not mentioned in ur resume,tell m abut ur family background as my sis is working as a software professional she started asking questions on which technology does she works,which place n how did she got placed.then she asked abut my strengths n asked me to explain with a scenario,i did it pretty well.finally she asked “any questions for me”. i said no mam n said thank u n left the room..

after interview i was quite confident abut my interview n waiting for the last they announced the names of the selected students at around 4.30 p.m and guess wat i was 1 among those 27.. hope this piece of information abut interview will help u to get on in the syntel interview.all tat u hav to do to crack the job at syntel is b gud at ur verbal stuff,communication skills n last but not least b confident …//

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