Syntel Placement-Paper

Hello readers, this is Bhushan Sontakke and am doin engineering in IT. There was a campus recruitment drive for Syntel on 4th Jan 2011 all over Maharashtra.

There were 2 rounds
2) Technical cum HR interview
The aptitude test was conducted online in the respective colleges and consisted of the following sections(which we came to know at the time of test).
* LR

There were 45 questions and the time allottedĀ  was 45min. Sections were mixed i.e there were no 2 separate sections.

The initial questions were based on logical reasoning and consisted of puzzles. There were about 3-4 puzzles which covered about 10 questions. These type of questions consumed a lot of time. Other LR questions were based on series completion etc.

From verbal part the questions mainly were grammatical based on tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, tags etc.

The initial part of the test consumed a lot of time and as the test was online we were not able to see the rest of the paper. We had to complete the in hand questions and then proceed. That was the toughest part of the test. The later part of the test consisted of very simple questions.

The aptitude result was declared 12th and we were 9 people selected for the Interview from about 120 people in our college. The interview was declared on 16th Jan which was my Birthday! I was very happy and confident because it was my birthday on the interviews day…!! We were called in Syntel’s Campus at Talawde, Pune for the interview.


When i reached the venue there were 500 people standing in a queue for the interview who travelled from all over Maharashtra for the interview.

The interview process started at 11. And my turn came at 8.30pm in the night.

And finally i was called…

There were two persons, one took the technical interview and other the HR.

When I entered I wished them and they both asked me to have a seat.

Initially they introduced themselves to me and then started the interview.

First one of them asked me technical questions.

The technical questions were based on the things written mainly in my resume; the technologies which you mention in your resume.

He asked me questions based on Linux OS, SQL, HTML, XML the project mentioned in my resume. He also asked about the final year project. Dont worry the questions were just the basics of the above mentioned and not very deep.

Later the HR took over.

HR : Syntels campus is 25km away from your place. How will you manage?
Me : Answered.(By this question he just wants to see your commitment towards the job. Answer Positively)
HR : Why is this job important to you?
Me : Answered(For checking your approach towards the job.)
HR : Your engineering score is less. Why so?
Me : (To find out the reason, and to see if u feel regretful, your attitude etc )
HR : What you do to improve your communication?
Me : Answer sincerely.(To check how much importance you give to communication and english language.)
HR : Do you have any questions?
Me : Which platforms and technologies are used in Syntel?
HR : He said that it always changes and you got to be flexible.
Me : Ok. I will be.
HR : Happy Birthday..!!
Me : Thank You Sir.(With a big smile.
Confidence and Positive attitude are the main things which you require during interviews. Even if you are not technically strong its ok but you should be confident.
The results were announced on 23rd Jan i.e after about 8 days and I was selected.
This was my first interview in which i got selected.
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