TRIANZ Latest -2012 Placement Paper

TRIANZ Latest -2012 Placement Paper Questions in Hyderabad  GRIET College of Engg

TRIANZ company Visted out campus on April 14th 2012 Hyderabad
TRIANZ Placement Test consists 50 Questions in 60 Minutes

Hai friends, this is Jeevan Prakash from ECE, GRIET COLLEGE,Hyderabad.
Today April 14th 2012,TRIANZ company conducted placements in our college.
Trianz Selection Procedure inludes 

1.Written test
2.Technical round-1
3.Technical round-2
4.HR round
Trianz Written Test 
1.Written Test:

It consists of 55 questions and we have to answer them in 60 minutes.It contains 4-synonyms(indict,reckless,….etc) 4-antonyms(fresh..etc)
correction of sentences-5 , bar graph-1(contains 5 questions) reading paragraph-5 questions
Aptitude-20 questions(interests,boat streams,time and distance, numbers..etc) and some english questions.

Guys…!!! the exam is very easy. you can write it very easily.

Trianz has two Technical Round Interview and HR Interview

2Technical round-1:

This is some tough job. Here the recruiters most concentrate on your resume and they ask questions on that maximum and some c program of string comparison of characters and some programs. (for cse and IT- dbms) Don’t lose your confidence in between the interview. again am telling prepare your resume perfectly but dont worry prepare well.

3Technical round-2;

Here also they ask C programs and logics and thorough on C
Trainz HR Round Interview Questions
4) HR round:

Tell me about yourself?
why should we hire you?
If you are in the part of company. you are 4 members team and assigned a work and you must complete the task in thespecified date. if one your team member is not interested on participating on your team. as a team member what will you do?
Can you do night shifts…? after marriage can you do?
And strengths and weaknesses and personal profile.

But I dont know why.!!! I have performed well in the Technical-2. but they didn’t select me. hoping for the best.

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