Accentrue Decemebr 2013 placement paper

Accentrue  Decemebr 2013 placement paper interview procedure Accenture direct interview procedure Technical and HR for Accentrure 2014-2015 batch

Dear Friends,

This is my interview experience in Accenture. I’m selected through e-litmus. There was no apitutde on line test and other tests. Accenture direct interview in technical and hr interview

Accenture Technical Procedure : In My interview panel -interview by a lady and one aged officer

some interview questions based on my memory is

Please Tell me about yourself?

What was you last year projects

Questions from programming language

.Net questions

Challenges you faced

Interview ages officer was asked some difficult and irritated person He is not satisfied my answers

So friends prepare well for interview In my cases most of the questions form my project

Accenture HR was simple .. just asks your aims, about company, what you heard about company (accenture) etc..,Technical  intervew was very difficult only 8 students selected out of the 85 students direct interview

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