Accenture Recruitment for freshers

Aptitude Interview IT Company Practice Paper

Accenture Recruitment for freshers Hi IM shivam kapoor
Our placement test was conducted by AMCAT..(Accenture),Greater Noida

I got selected posting this on the same day to help other guys who looking forward to being placed in Accenture..

Accenture had 75 questions in total

Verbal ability(English)-25

Quantitative Aptitude -25

Reasoning(Logocal-anlytical Non verbal Verbal)- 25

preparation-I used to visit alot of sites like freshers world to know about in-out of the selection procedure

Verbal ability English)-25
English-articles,prepositions-search on google(basics)

Quantitative Aptitude -25
Aptitude-R.S aggarwal..

(time and work,probability,PnC,time n distance,numbers,average,profit and loss,problem on trains,properties of log and expo,hcf and lcm)that’s it..)

Reasoning(Logocal-anlytical Non verbal Verbal)- 25
Reasoning-R.S aggarwal Verbal reasoning-blood relation,mathematical operatins,series,coding-decoding etc

900 gave the Quantitiative Aptitude test 290 cleared..After that technical round was conducted after which 137 got selected..After the last round i.e HR 100 were placed..and I was one of them..last year they took 175 but due to recession they took lesser number this time..

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