ADP Placement-Paper

Everyone this is HARI KISHORE from GITAM UNIVERSITY,Visakhapatnam.

Yesterday I was through the selection process of ADP.

The selection process consists of 2 rounds:

It consists of three sections which are quantitative analysis:
This consists of 40 quests. of which 20 verbal and 20 aptitude.
Time for this is 20 min.
Time will not be sufficient for aptitude section and you have to be really quick, Verbal will be of GRE level so Barrons will do.

Next section is a technical section in which 20 ques. given based on ‘C’.
I felt this section is very tough in this requires intense preparation from your side and time for this section is 30 min.

The final section is writing skills test for 10 min. in which we have to write an essay on any given topic. My topic is” Greatest Moment In My Life”.
They evaluate you based on your vocabulary usage in this section. Don’t neglect this section as this plays a lead role in your final selection.

This consist of three stages
1: Technical interview: They will you grill you like anything on ‘C’ language. For me it was a cake walk as they asked only some basic programs to write,but for my friends it was very tough that they asked even on ‘C’ Graphics.

2. Logical interview: In this round they will test your problem solving ability.
For me they asked me to design a system which counts the number of people coming to the office at different times say before 9’0clock ,in between 9 and 10, and after 10’clock using either an electrical, electronics, mechanical systems or any computer language. I have solved this using a ‘C’ program and a card reader.

3.Hr interview: It was not actually a HR interview, but a stress interview.
They really put u under enormous stress and assess you based on your behaviour under stress.
From our college around 300 appeared of which 19 cleared the written test and finally 7 people made through.
I hope this may help you when you are going through the selection process of ADP.

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