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Hi friends,…….

I am happy to tell you all that iam placed in AIG and also I am the first one to give its paper here. I had a lot of difficulties as I couldnt find any papers on the entire internet. Hope this will give u a rough idea that wat all the company is about and abt the test also. First of all I will like to tel all of u that do not think its TATA AIG, it is the same AIG but it is the software division cald as AIGSS (Amecrican International Group System Solutions). With TATA they are in the insurance and financial fields. AIG is the FORTUNE company ranked as 10th and it is the sixth largest company in the world. It has more than one lakh employees in the world and operates in 132 countries. In india they are operating in Kolkata and Chennai only. Around 12 Colleges participated in the process. Around 1000 gave the exam and just 32 made it and I was one of them.

The eligibilty criteria is 70% in present degree with no standing arrears. Branches are CSE,IT,ECE,ETC,EEE,MCA. Package is 2.4lakhs which is applicable after six months from joining and the maximum can be 3lakhs and it depends on your performance in the company. Before that u will undergo a traning for the first six months and you will get 15000/month only.

The company has 4 rounds that u have to face as:
3.Tech. Interview
4.HR Interview

Frankly telling you all first 3 are the elimination rounds and final interview is just a formality.
Aptitude had 3 sections as quants, english and tech. totally 60 ques in 1hr.
For quants dont worry R.S. Aggarwal is enough mainly ratio & prop., average, work time, time distance, probability, volume, area, boats and streams, errors etc are the main topics. Totally 30 ques in quants.

In the english simple ques are there as fill in the blanks, errors in the sentences, arrangemnt of sentences, antonyms and synonyms. They are easy if u are a regular reader of newspapers. This section had 20ques.

In tech basic concepts of C/C++ and output of programs are asked. There are 10ques in this section.

I got 47 out of 60. There is no negative marking so attempt all the ques.

Next round is the GD, after apti only 180 cleared for this round. They divided us in the batches of 10 students. They had the usual GD topics as Impact of movies on youth in india, Metro Vs. Non-metro cities, Hollywood Vs. Bollywood, Mobile phones in collg should be banned or not, MNCs in india, GD should be conducted or not, etc…After this round only 62 cleared.

Now the next round is Tech interview it is bit easy for the non CS and IT students as they only ask the concepts of C/C++ and any other subjects if u specify. For CS and IT they ask on JAVA,Linked List,SQL,DBMS,RDBMS,Data Structures etc… I belong to ECE so I had a little advantage here as I had ques from C only and I had given other subjects as microprocessors and digital electronics. So he screwed me on microprocessors a lot. But one gud thing is that they were asking only the basics not too deep. So if u have a little idea then u can easily go through this round. After this round only 35 wer selected for the final interview. I had faced the interview for almost 35mins. but he was really very friendly. All the panels were friendly as my frnds told me. So dont worry just brush up your concepts and you can make through. If you are not specifying any subjects of interest then he wil ask ur core subjects so better specify some subject of ur interest and at which you find urself easy. Otherwise if he asks you the core subjects then pray to god and ask for mercy.

If u are in final HR round then its just a cakewalk for you. They asked simple and all the general HR ques. He was also a cool person. I had my interview this time for almost 10mins. If he selects you there then at that time only he will tel u all the terms and conditions of the company and if you want to join then u have to sign a letter that you have accepted the offer. Within 10min after this if u sign they will give u the offer letter. Finally 32 made it. You all must be thinking that were 3 students went as this is not a elemination round? Well one of them didnt signed the letter in the HR interview i dont knw why. Rest of the two were not selected as they were not well groomed means that u should be in gud and smart formal dress and be shaved dnt come with beared.

One last thing I will like to tel all of you that the company has a bond of 2yrs but you are required to sign it at the time of joining dnt think that wat u had signed in the HR was the bond it was just a letter that you have “ACCEPTED THE OFFER”, so dont worry that u are trapped in the company frm that moment only.
Well to conclude now iam really happy that iam selected and also iam the first to give its paper on the net. Its a good company to work with and has a good growth rate as it has started in India only in 2005 and in two years they have totally 3 officies in 2 cities. Two officies are in Chennai and they are planing to have the third one also in Chennai. So presently they have almost 1000 employees in India just in 2 yrs.

If u cant make through then just dont loose heart and try again and again till u get success. I wish that all of you a very best of luck. so one day it will be yours too.
Hope that this will help you…

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