The Covergys is one of the easiest test to crack!!! Before going to interview!! 2 thing to follow before going to any interview

Rule1:Stay COOL
Rule2:Stay COOL!!!

Becos it will help you to think more.Its from my own exprience i am saying. The question pattern was same as the previous question papers posted by our fnds,

There were 4 sections:
1:English : (all of same type)
It had very easy fill in the blanks… They gave a passage on Colombia space craft and passage had blanks to be filled eg.
They next launch is __________ by the end of next month. a) Expected b)Planned c)scheduled

2.Logical reasoning:
Its one of the easiest part just prepare ur self with logical resoning book…. The Venn diagram occupied 4(4 questions each) parts of the parper,

Quantitative Reasoning(10questions approx) : eg: 1-50 how many prime numbers are there….

Data sufficiency occupied 10questions. (upto this occupies the 52 questions)

acronyms, number series, $ replace by 1,* by 0 question….

3.Unix questions
Its very basic questions. Just glance the basic functional syntax and concepts from easiest of book available as a guide in market.
eg) which acts as a interperter in UNIX 1)Kernel 2)Shell 3… 4..

Let x=10,y=20,z=30
Let c=x+y+z
echo $c A 1)error 2)60 3)10 4)20

Its was the concept based on normalization,syntax based question, keyword based questions and they gave query and asked us to check the error.

5) C++:
It was quite easy. I used the C,C++ based question paper present in freshers world and it helped me a lot. Its based on pointers and some sime easy questions. Every question will be within the sample question paper available at this site.

so all the very best fnds its a good opportunity to crack the test . hope my expr have atleast 1% benifit to you!!

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