1. mohr circle is used to find?

2. Wat wil hapen to height of a capilary tube-
a) increses wit increase in diametr
b) decrease wid increase in diametr
c) inceare wit increase in specific weight
d) decerase wid increase in specific weight

3. Specific speed of turbine signifies
a) rotational speed
b) head
c) flow rate
d) not remember

4. Power of a belt is givn by-
a) mass
b) velocity
c) arc
d) all the above

5. At what temperature celsius nd faherinit is equal-
answer. -40

6. Slenderness ratio of a mild steel is-
a) >80
b) <80
c) >90
d) <90

7. Magnet is made of which iron

8. Which isĀ  weakest iron
a) spring
b) bolt
c) or optin yad nahn

9. Magnet north pole represents which direction

10. Speriodizing is a type of which proces

11. Normaling is done at
a) above crystaline temp with quenchng of oils
b) below crystaline temp

12. Rivets r made by which process
a) extrusion
b) cold heating
c) forging

13. y mercury donot stick to the tube
a) cohesive force>adhesive force
b) cohesive force <adhesive force
c) cohesive force =adhesive force

14. y cage is provided in bearing in between the balls

15. Wear allowance on go no go is for which end
a) go
b) no go

16. If area, length, diametr, stres r doubled what wil hapen to the strain energy?

17. If a spring of stiffnes of k is divided in 4 parts and then joined in paralel then what wil b the resultant stifness

18. ek bearing lubrication ka question tha

19. How can we increase the pressure angle of a gear

a) plaster of paris is extracted from bauxite, true / false
b) ek or tha yaad nahi

21. What is 18-4-1 mild steel?
18 mei kiska kitna composition hai, 4 or 1 mei bhi

22. What is the shape of bending moment of cantilever with udl over it?

23. Surface measurement RA is taken in which units?
a) micron
b) mm2
c) dnt remember

24. In which fit clearance wil b more for hole and shaft?

25. If spring is in compressive stresses then major stresses wil b

26. Velocity ratio of gear wil b equal at which point?

27. How much is thermal efficecy of internal combustion engine?

28. Internal spur gear is mass produced by which process

29. ek hooke joint ka tha question?

bahut saare numerical the atleast 8-10 or last k 3 question true / false the?

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