This is abt the convergys paper. I am student of BSAITM fbd branch IT.

There were three rounds.

1- Aptitude
2-  Gd
3-  Technical + hr


The aptitude had three sections
1- analytical reasoning
2-  programming abilities
3-  technical section


the duration of paper was 70 mts and there were 60 questions. There was negative marking + sectional cutoff.


Analytical reasoning consisted of questions like
1)      there are two identical circular discs and the had on there two perpendicular diameters sequence like p,q,r,s and a,b,c,d not necessarily in that order and we had then arrange according to figure and conditions given.
2)      There was a question on set arrangement
3)      There are four people who buy a pc for X rs they divide their work hours acc to the contribution the make. We had to find the duration and cost
4)      There are four people who get grades in subjects maths ,chemistry,physics and botany. Grades for each subject and there values were given .also grades scored by each people were too given . two conditions were given and then we had to find who scored highest and lowest grades.


Programming questions consisted of  problems based on Algorithms and there complexity. It was all from ADA subject of cse branch.

Also there were two questions on flowcharts which were simple.


Technical part consisted of questions based on c++ and dbms. Dbms part was simple and basically had questions on normal forms and sql.

C++ had just basic questions which just required ur clear concepts of C++.

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