This time the pattern was totally different from previous papers. There were 3 sections
1. Analytical reasoning   20 ques
2. Programming ability   20 ques
3. Technical                   20 ques


There were 60 questions and 70 minutes were given..


First part was very tough.. i wonder from where they brought so typical questions. None of them were of the type given in R.S. aggarwal.


Second part was composed of calculating time complexity of algorithms and on algorithms. There were 10 questions on 2 flowcharts and were very easy.


In the technical section the questions were from oops ( Inheritance and static functions). On is-a and has-a relationship.. There were also some programming problems with a given solution we need to analyse the solution and answer from the options like :


1) it is a perfect design
2,3,4) some suggestions . we need to choose the right answer and rest were from DBMS..

1) Normal forms
2) Some queries were given and we need to find the output for that queries..

I do not know their selection criteria but there was negative marking althoug not mentioned..

Out of over 1000 students 41 cleared the aptitute..

As there were less students and also they were running out of time so the gd was cancelled and interview was conducted. Although there were two panels one for hr and other for technical. but none of the student was there who has gone through without facing technical.. The technical part of interview was based on really very deep concepts.. So prepare technical ..

By the time when 30 students have faced the interview, only 2 were gone through.. rest of 10 I dnt have any idea.. But I have heard that they need to select only 7 students.

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