CTS cognizant new placement papers

CTS cognizant new placement papers campus placement drive in Bhopal for CS branch around 500 students were participated only 45 were selected in CTS.

This is the summery of CTS placement drive and selection procedure test pattern 5th October 2013

CTS Recruitments first section was presentation
There was half an hour presentation by the HR

CTS cognizant other rounds

CTS cognizant On line written test -No Negative marking 
Topic of Written Test:
Section 1 – Analytical Reasoning (30 questions, 25 minutes)

Non-Verbal (diagrammatic analogies)
Data Interpretation

In section 1 I attempted 25 questions because time constraint

Section 2 – Verbal Ability(25 questions, 25 minutes) 
1) 2 Reading Comprehensions (RC’s in our test were both easy and had direct questions but it’s better to practice the tough ones also because cts is known for giving GRE level RC’s)
2) Grammar Correction
3) Para jumbles

In section-2 I attempted all questions because there was no negative marking. The test was easy.For CTS preparation better to prepare all topics thoroughly and not leaving anything.
A basic knowledge of the English Language is the key to succeed in this test.

CTS next section was Technical Round

Technical Interview:

After clearing the written test I had technical round. Everyone had different experiences in their respective technical interview. Some had a mixture of HR and Technical. Some had purely technical.

I had a purely 35-mins technical round from the subjects of Computer Science, my branch being the same.

My interviewer asked me the subjects I was comfortable in. I said OS and DBMS but then too he asked me questions from almost all important subjects he could come across!!

One answer of mine became his next question which was many-a-times difficult to handle. Be very careful to be thorough with your CV.

His first question was-
Why did you choose engineering?

What is the use of any mechanical instrument in a computer system?

Computer Networks- Virtual Subnet, rings, tokens, buses, OSI model’s layers with diagram, context switching, packet switching, dirty read DBMS- Insert/update/delete anomalies, normalization and its all forms, outer join query Software Engineering

Difference between spiral and prototype model, all phases of SDLC, which model is suited for which type of projects, are all phases the same for all models?
Give their practical examples Java- He asked me to draw the flowchart of an already written java code on the board. That code had 2 FOR loops to enter different values in an array.
it is very important to LEARN your CV!!! He asked me how much I know about the company. This can be asked by anyone because it is the most obvious question.

Overall I can say that it was indeed a good experience

HR interview:
My HR Round was only of 5 minutes in which he asked me some basic questions like-
Introduce yourself Are you willing to relocate?
Are you fine with cities in Southern India?
Have you ever traveled out without your parents?
Working of MAD (Make A Difference)…. My CV said I am a MAD volunteer.

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