CTS on line aptitude test Technical HR round

CTS Cognizant campus new recruitment experiences for B Tech students in Buvaneshwar CTS Technical Engineers jobs positionsĀ  selection procedure consists CTS on line aptitude test Technical HR round
Aptitude Test -CTS 3 section verbal ability, aptitude reasoning Here a brief short story of my experience in CTS This years campuses placements

This is Ankit.I have done B.tech from Bhubaneswar in ECE branch.

First of all they will take an Online test which will consist of three different parts:

English-25Questions,25 minutes

Aptitude-16 Questions,16 minutes

Reasoning-1 Questions,14 minutes

They will mail you the results within 2-3 days..

If you didn’t receive the mail,then you are not selected as they will not mail you about your rejection.

After that interview process consists of 2 parts

Technical round This an elimination round)

HR round

In technical round my questions were:

->write down all the logic gates

->write down their truth tables.

->write a program to print prime nos. between 0 and 20 in C.

->write the same program in C++ .(create a class and in that declare a function, define that method and call the method by creating the object of that class)

->Difference between Primary key and foreign key.

->Tell me about your final year project, minor project.

->Write the code for database connection. I did it on MS access as this question was related to my project.)

->Difference between stack and queue.

My technical round went on for about 25 minutes and I gave answers to every questions.

The technical interviewer told me to wait in the conference hall and be prepared for the HR round. At that moment I became confirmed that I was in.

After 10 minutes result was declared. They called out the names and in that list my name was not there. Then he told that the name which he has called can leave 4 the day.
I mean they were not selected. After that they read out the names of the 2nd list in which my name was there.

After that about 20 minutes late I was called 4 the HR round.

In HR my questions were
How was your day?
Did you face any problem in coming to the center?
How many members are in your family?
what is your father? what does your mother do?

My HR went on for just 5-8 minutes..

After that I received the offer letter on the 2nd day after interview….
So I will say that if your technical and communication skill is good then you will definitely crack this interview…Just focus on the basics of what you have written on your resume…If you are a fresher then make your CV as simple as you can because the more you add you skills on CV the more questions you will face….And PROJECTS…be ready to answer any type of question on your projects…..

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