CTS Placement-Paper

CTS PAPER IN N.I.T. JAMSHEDPUR                  

               Booklet color: Red 

  1. Using the digits 1,5,2,8 four digit numbers are formed and the sum of all possible such numbers. 106656

  2. Four persons can cross a bridge in 3, 7, 13, 17 minutes. Only two can cross at a time. Find the minimum time taken by the four to cross the bridge.  20

  3.  Find   the product of the prime numbers between 1-20 Ans:9699690

  4. 2, 3, 6, 7— using these numbers form the possible four digit numbers that are divisible by 4.  ans—-8

  5. Two trains are traveling at 18kmph and are 60 km apart. There is flying in the train. It flies at 80kmph. It flies and hits the second train and then it starts to oscillate between the two trains. At one instance when the two trains collide it dies. At what distance travel by the fly.  Ans—12km

  6. There are 1000 doors that are of the open-close type. When a person opens the door he closes it and then opens the other. When the first person goes he opens-closes the doors ion the multiples of 1 i.e., he opens and closes all the doors .when the second goes he opens and closes the doors 2, 4 6 8 resly. Similarly when the third one goes he does this for 3 6 9 12 15th doors resly. Find number of doors that are open at last.666

  7. There are 9 balls of these one is defective. Find the minimum no. of chances of finding the defective one.2

  8. There are coins of Rs.5, 2, 1,50p, 25p, 10p, 5p. each one has got a weight. Rs 5 coin weighs 20gms.find the minimum number of coins to get a total of 196.5gms.

  9. A can do a work in 8 days, B can do a work in 7 days, C can do a work in 6 days. A works on the first day, B works on the second day and C on the third day resly.that is         they work on alternate days. When will they finish the work.(which day will they finish the work) (7+7/168)->>8

  10. A batsman scores 23 runs and increases his average from 15 to 16. Find the runs to be made if he wants top Inc the average to 18 in the same match. 39

  11. A man sells apples. First he gives half of the total apples what he has and a half apple. Then he gives half of the remaining and a half apple. He gives it in the same manner. After 7 times all are over. How many apples did he initially have?Ans:127

  1. In a club there are male and female members. If 15 female quit then the number of males will become double the number of males. If 45 males quit no. of female becomes five times the number of males. Find the number of females.Ans: 160/3, 83/3

  1. When I was married 10 years back my wife was the sixth member of my family. Now I have a baby. Today my father was dead and I had a new baby. Now the average age of my family is the same as that when I was married. Find the age of my father when he was.  60

  1. I and two of my friends were playing a game. For each win I get Rs 3. Totally I had three wins. Player 2 got Rs9 and player 3 got Rs 12. How many games had been played?  10

  1. A person gives a secret to two other persons in 5 minutes. How long will he take to tell the secret to 768 people?

  1. There are 40 seats in a bus. People agree to share the money for the number of seats. The total money comes to 70.37. How many seats were free?Ans: 31

  1.  I had Rs100 and I play. If I win I will hav Rs110 and if I lose I will have Rs90. at the end I have 2 wins and 2 lose. How much do I have? Ans: Rs. 100

  1. There were sums related to diagrams. They asked to calculate the areas of the circle, rectangle that were enclosed in other objects. They were simple. There were many questions on logical reasoning.

            Eg: There are two identical islands. Same tribe lives in the islands. But their receptiveness

            This is the question.
There were four choices and we have to select the most appropriate

            For the abov one the answer is —– because of climatic changes
There was a question in
which they

            gave a polygon with all the external angles. We have to calculate the asked interior

19       A says ” the horse is not black”.

            B says ” the horse is either brown or grey.”

            C says ” the hoese is brown”

           At least one is telling truth and atleast one is lying. tell the colour of horse?

           Answer : grey

20.   A son and father goes for boating in river upstream . After rowing for mile son notices the hat
of his fathefalling in the river.After 5 min. he tells his father that his hat has fallen. So they
turn round and are able topick the hat at the point from where they began boating after 5min.
Tell the speed of river? Ans…6 miles/hr

 21.  A+B+C+D=D+E+F+G=G+H+I=17 where each letter represent a number from 1 to 9. Find
out what does letter D and G represent if letter A=4. (8 marks)                  Ans. D=5 G=1

 22.   Argentina had football team of 22 player of which captain is from Brazilian team and goalki from
European team. For remainig palayer they have picked 6 from argentinan and 14 from european.
Now for a team of 11 they must have goalki and captain so out of 9 now they plan to select 3
from rgentinian and 6 from European. Find out no of   methods avilable for it. (2 marks)
Ans : 160600  ( check out for right no. 6C3 * 14C6)

23     Three thives were caught stealing sheep, mule and camel.

         A says ” B had stolen sheep “

         C says ” B had stolen mule”

         B says he had stolen nothing.

         The one who had stolen horse is speaking truth. the one who had stolen camel is lying . Tell who
had stolen what?  Ans. A- camel ;B- mule ;C- horse

24     A group of friends goes for dinner and gets bill of Rs 2400 . Two of them says that they have
forgotten their purse so remaining make an extra contribution of Rs 100 to pay up the bill. Tell the
no. of person in that group.   Ans – 8 person

25    In acolony there are some families. Each of them have children but different in numbers.Following
are  conditions:

                   A)    No of adult no of sons no of daughters no of families.

                                     B) Each sister must have atleast one brother and should have at the most 1 sister.

                       C) No of children in one family exceeds the sum of no of children in the rest families.

                    D)    Tell the no of families.(5 marks)

                    Ans : 3 families

26     There are 6 people W,H,M,C,G,F who are murderer , victim , judge , police, witness, hangman.
There was n eye witness only circumtancial witness. The murderer was sentenced to death.
read following statement and determne who is who.

                1. M knew both murderer and victim.
2. Judge asked C to discribe murder incident.
3. W was last to see F alive.
4. Police found G at the murder site.
5 H and W never met.


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