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Iam VAMSI KRISHNA doing my final year in ECE from Chittoor and got placed in CTS. Written exam was on 31st oct 2006 and We had our interviews on 1st Nov 2006.

Written exam was easy. The pattern is like this:
VERBAL:-           25 ques — 25 min.
ANALYTICAL:- 25 ques — 30 min.
REASONING:-   20 ques — 20 min.

In answer sheet u have to write answers to various questions like:
ur hobbies, what languages do u know, why CTS, what do u expect from CTS, how r u suitable for CTS. etc

In Verbal there will be two passages, which will be followed by six questions each. Remaining will be choosing correct sentences from given sentences, choosing incorrect sentences from the given sentences and arranging the given sentences in correct order. Don’t go for passages in the beginning. They r very big and u will not find time to read them.

Analytical is very easy section and here u can score a lot. Questions will be based on Venn diagrams, one puzzle based on teams and their sequence. Binary to decimal conversions and vice-versa. Here 1 is coded as # and 0 is coded as $. There will be problems based on cubes.

In Reasoning there will be all figure problems like predicting the next figure and odd one out figures. For this u can go through RS aggrawal non-verbal reasoning. Logical connectivities like: all cats are dogs; no rats are dogs and followed by some options. They r also very easy. Try to score maximum in last two sections.

Interview was on next day. A total of 2400 candidates appeared for exam out of which 268 cleared written exam and only 94 were selected.

Technical and HR was a common round. Following is my experience:
As soon as I entered the room, HR received a phone call. I went near to chair and waited. He was a young and cool person.

HR: welcome Vamsi Krishna.(giving shake hand) Take ur seat. Just give me five minutes.
ME: thank u sir. (I made myself comfortable sitting on chair. He talked for 2 min. on phone in Hindi.)
HR: then my first question was tell me about ur self?
ME: I started and in between he interrupted because there was a difference in my percentages obtained in inter and in engineering. I explained the reason in jovial manner and he laughed.
HR: what is ur favorite subject ?
HR: then draw me a circuit for NAND gate ?
ME: drawn the gate.
HR: what is the bubble in nand gate, what is so special about that gate and where is it used ?
ME: explained him that it is a universal gate and so on.
HR: I will u give a truth table, can u design a combinational circuit for that ?
ME: I will try sir. ( then he didn’t gave that. )
HR: u have mentioned in ur CV that u r good organizer and good leader. Give examples for that /
ME: explained.

Rest of all was technical questions. I will give only questions.

–> What do u know about VHDL ( in my form I mentioned C and VHDL)
–> Explain three modellings in VHDL and give differences among them .
–> How dataflow modeling is implemented.
–> What is characteristic equation ? give example ?
–> what is flip-flop ? where is it used ?
–> what is a counter and where is it used ?
–> what is a K-map and for what it is used ?
–> what is difference between FM and AM ? In which noise is less?
–> what is analog signal and what is a digital signal ?
–> what is sampling ?
–> tell me some digital modulation techniques ?
–> what do u know about microprocessor ?
–> what do u know about 8086? How many address lines and how many data lines ?
–> what do u know about C language?
–> write program for fobonacci series, palindrome  number and palindrome string ( I wrote it. )
–> what r conditional statements? Can FOR loop used as a conditional statements?
–> what is the difference between a CASE statement and  WHILE loop?

Then he stopped for a while and said “any questions Vamsi Krishna?”
I asked ? what is the training period that we undergo?
He explained and in between he asked “r u ready to sign a bond with CTS?”
Again he asked “any more?”
I asked “what is CMM level?”
He again explained that very well  but I didn’t get anything into my mind at that moment.
Again he asked “any more?”
I said “no sir.”
He said “ok then u can leave. Have a nice day” (giving shake hand)

That’s all about my interview and my name was in the list of selected candidates. Just be bold and tell ur answers confidently. Always keep a gentle smile on ur face.

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